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New PostErstellt: 09.06.09, 09:39     Betreff: Unglaubliche Diskriminierung gegen Schwangere in NZ

Dieser Beitrag stammt urspruenglich aus einem anderen Forum. Es geht darum, das hochschwangere und Behinderte in NZ abgeschoben werden, soweit sie keine PR besitzen, selbst wenn dies Mutter und Kind in Lebensgefahr bringt und sicherlich keine Airline sie mitnehmen wuerde. Es stehen einem die Haare zu Berge!

I have been here for two years now and have not been too impressed by some issues already which I expected to be different (clean and green lie, gang crime, backwardness and discrimination against foreigners in some areas). But well, that is nothing...

What has made the news lately is unbelievable. Pregnant women that travelling would put at severe risk for their own and their babies lives are forced out of the country. Even though they have all means to meet possible costs, their applications are declined and treatment refused (if it would be the Immigration NZs will). As reasons we here that the NZ health systems does not have the resources to treat tourists, visitors and temporary residents such as students or those on a two year work permit! I cannot believe it! Tourists sustain a huge part of NZ - more than 25% live of tourism. Foreign students finance NZ universities. Backpackers spent at least $60/day/p.p. which they brought from abroad. People on temporary work permits spend a lot of money on immigration, on equipping their households and buying cars etc - again with money earned abroad. NZ lives largely from these people! If they want to attract ever larger numbers of tourists, foreign students and skilled professionals and are happy to take their big bucks they have to have the resources to have these people in their country including healthcare! I cannot just take as much money as I can possible get and then in turn not provide the resources (there are very very few cases in which they are needed any way)! What the hell are they thinking?

This is a real eye opener. Those of you that do not have made the move to NZ yet should honestly rethink if they want to live in a country that treats people inhumanely like that. I do not want to. It is deeply ashaming and makes me extremely angry.

You gotta read the following links to really understand what I am talking about! You won't believe it.

Before that, there has been the case of a family (skilled migrants from the middle east with good jobs and heaps of money) who had been living and working in NZ on temporary work permits for five years that really outraged me. They were refused further work permits and let alone permanet residency because they have a blind daughter. Being blind (or otherwise disabled) is not an acceptable standard of health. The daughter did not use any special services that she could possibly put a strain on and the parents would be able to pay for anything anyway. They have now packed up. Ridiculous and extremly inhuman. I cannot imagine worse discrimination of pregnant women and disabled people anywhere! I think all of this is against the human rights act!

Please let others know about this situation in NZ! They do not deserve to be perceived as a peaceful clean and green paradise!

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