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Teaching position

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New PostCreated: 2006-08-23, 11:06 AM CET  Subject:  Teaching position  print  recommend Reply with Quotation  

Teaching position in North East of China!!!

  • Good salary!

  • Best position!

  • Your second Family!

  • The school is ready for you NOW!!!

Here is Ji Lin Province Education Exchanges Service organization, which has been registered at Industrial & commercial Bureau of Ji Lin Province and permitted by State Bureau of Foreign Experts, it has the legal right to employ foreign experts in education circle in wide domain.

We engage foreign teachers for all year around, if you interested in it, welcome to Chang Chun and our amicable office, you are going to join an interesting collectivity. You will not feel lonely here; we have quite a lot foreign teachers with us who are from different country, it is very interesting.

Chang Chun is the capital of Jilin province. It has a large number of universities, high school and primary school, so others said it is a real culture city, hope you will like it.

There are four seasons here, spring, Summer, autumn and winter, you can feel the different happiness from the different seasons.

The people are more friendly and warmhearted and helpful in Jilin province, thatís what our foreign teachers told us. You will unquestionable feel that when you live here. If you like, just join us.

The treatment of the Appointed Foreign Experts:
We welcome you join us to teach English here warmly and sincerely:

†† ----- W
elcome you and your family visit here and travel around
----- Wish you will feel comfortable here. Enjoy charming culture

interesting customs and traditions, hope you could stay here and treat these as your second home

----- We will arrange our staff to pick you up at the airport or train station

It is going to be your second home:

----- We will surely show you around and accompany you to go shopping if you need, and taste different kinds of Chinese delicious food

----- You will have chance to be invited by a Chinese family to attend their family party in Chinese festivals

----- In some important Chinese festivals, there will be a celebration party for foreign friends

----- You will also be invited by the school to the student-and-staff party

----- There will be a birthday party and cake for you in your birthday

----- We will help you to organize the tours within China if you want during your vacations.

----- You can enjoy Chinese Legal Holidays.

----- A farewell party for you when the contract ends, and assists you with your customs procedure.

The treatment will be satisfied you:

----- Upon arrival in Jilin, we will offer you 7 days of free training and trial lectures

----- You will get free accident insurance here

----- Free apartment (including bed room, living room, bathroom, kitchen, TV set, telephone, water heater, washing machine, etc)

----- You will have all the legal documents here (work visa and expert certificate), itís our responsibility to keep your legal status here

----- The Payment will be 4000 -7000 RMB per month, around 22--30 hours per week

----- According to your health and enough energy, we can arrangement more classes for you if you want some extra classes and own extra money

----- We offer you a single flight ticket or cash (from Beijing to your country, when you finish your contract)

Note: extra working hours get extra pay

 About the teaching:

----- Your students: Children to Adults (you can choose which level you rather to teach)

----- Your teaching Content: Mainly teach oral English (speaking and listening

----- Your lesson plans: the textbooks will be provided, you could prepare the

lessons according to the textbook, and please also take some teaching materials with you, it helps a lot sometimes

†† ----- No necessary to wear uniform at school, just keep clean and feel comfortable

If you are interested in our teaching position, please give us an email and attach your


 full resume

 diploma or degree or highest educational certificate

contact telephone number 

I will contact you after I get those documents from you.

If you have any question
s or requirements, please donít hesitate to contact us via phone, fax or email.
Thank you very much and we are looking forward to hear from you soon.
Our contact information:
My mobile:0086-0-13604447716 or 13179007000



Sincerely Yours,

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