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how to use proper forum etiquette

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Location: Bersenbrueck

New PostCreated: 2009-12-09, 02:09 PM CET  Subject: Announcement: how to use proper forum etiquette  print  recommend Reply with Quotation  

How to use proper forum etiquette

Forum etiquette and netiquette are not so new to the average internet-user. There seems to be, however , the need for educating many users, who occasionally visit us. Therefor, I collected a variety of †internet and forum rules, which have become a cultural standard in the internet society already.
OK here we go.

How to use forum etiquette†

I will start with the don't do list.

1)Do not spam: As spam we understand postings or comments made for the sole purpose of advertising or promoting a product, business, website and ideas with no regard to the forums main subject. This also applies to replies made in this fashion within a forum.
2)Respect Other Users: Nothing further to say here. At least I hope so.
3)No Trolling: As trolling we understand postings that are made with the intention to unnecessary intimidate, annoy or insult others.
4)No Power-Posting: Power-postings are postings made with little or no content. They are mostly meaningless.†
5)No off Topic: This is simple and easy. If the thread is about teachers in Taiwan, then don't post a message about cooking in Japan. Replies are made to continue a discussion not to start a new topic. You always can start your own thread in the right on topic category of course.
6)Don't cross-post: Cross posting is when the same post is duplicated into different sections and treads of the forum. You only can post the same content once in the same forum.
7)Do not attack others (do not flame):No insults. No threatening language. This is not forum etiquette only. This is a law which when ignored can have serious legal consequences.
8)Don't post personal information about others: This is not forum etiquette only. This is a law which when ignored can have serious legal consequences.
9)Do not capitalize every word: In the English language only the first word of a sentence is capitalized. There are some exceptions such as the word English Monday-Friday, January-December, names and city names, the planets etc. In the headline you can capitalize the first letter of every word, the first letter of a sentence or the first letter of the sentence and the first letter of every noun with in the headline. SIMPLY NO BIG LETTERS!†
10)Do not use too many abbreviations: Standard abbreviations such as etc. OK G.M †BMW U.S.A †are OK. The newly formed internet †abbreviations like see u and †881 are not OK. Many users won't be able to understand this kind of language.†

How to use forum etiquette†
The I wish you do list

1)Read the forum rules: These are the forum's rules. If you are reading this you are almost through.
2)Read a little before you start posting: Make sure you understand what the forum is about before you actively participate.
3)Type in lowercase or standard case: It is nice for the readers to have a nicely formatted text in front of their eyes.†
4)Stay on topic: Contribute useful information to the thread you are replying to.
5)Be professional: Always try to get the facts right before posting.
6)Be kind to newcomers: Be helpful and forgiving to newcomers who do not always know all the forum's functions ans rules.
7)Put your posts in the appropriate forum: If you start a new thread find the most appropriate category before posting.
8)Be positive: Spread some optimism around you. This way there are greater chances for finding real solutions.
9)Be polite to other members:

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