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Hello Guys

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New PostCreated: 2010-06-23, 10:52 PM CET  Subject: Hello Guys  print  print thread  recommend Reply with Quotation  

My name is Kevin and I have a few questions for you guys. I'll start with an easy one. I have heard that it is better to go to Taiwan before seeking out english teaching employment instead of finding a job before leaving home, the states in my case. Is this true? Thanks

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New PostCreated: 2010-06-24, 05:32 AM CET  Subject: Re: Hello Guys  print  recommend Reply with Quotation  

It depends on the time of year you'rearriving.
I guess in July and August it will beeasyto find a job starting in September.
Another good time is before Chinese new year. That's when the new semester starts.
Most contracts run out during summer. Be aware that it is not legal toperuse work without aworking-visa. Make sure you bring all papernecessary forapplying awork-permit.


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Location: Bersenbrueck

New PostCreated: 2010-06-25, 02:48 PM CET  Subject: looking for a teaching job in Taiwan  print  recommend Reply with Quotation  

Best time to startlooking for a teaching job in Taiwan�is right now.
First, you can get some�summer-camp jobs.
Second, you can substitute.
New semester starts in�September.�

Good luck
and welcome to Taiwan

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New PostCreated: 2010-06-30, 04:18 AM CET  Subject: Re: Hello Guys  print  recommend Reply with Quotation  

I will be looking to come teach this winter around the time of the Chinese New Year recess. I am pleased that you said that contracts generally run out in Summer because that is exactly what I am looking for. When you say summer though, when are you�referring? What month?

Also, I see that Chinese New Year is February 3rd 2011. When would the recess start/end and when would you guys advise that I come out there?�

Thank you so much,
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New PostCreated: 2010-06-30, 08:19 AM CET  Subject: Re: Hello Guys  print  recommend Reply with Quotation  

I guess, it will be best you come two weeks earlier. Or better a couple of weeks before the winter vacation start.�

Many schools run winter programs for the kids, and many teachers want to leave before the vacation start. Air fairs will be much�cheaper�this way.�

During the Chinese New Year's Holidays nobody works. There aren't any interviews during that time. That's about a week.

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