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Welcome to the ESL activity board. We provide a discussions forum for teaching ESL in Taipei, Taiwan. The Bulletin board is for ESL job search and classifieds free for schools and teachers. Teaching English as a second language to young students has many different concepts. We are grateful for anyone sharing his/her thoughts and experiences in this forum!
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Mark message worse sandstorm hit Taiwan 1 Admin 2010-03-21, 05:52 PM CET
Admin Latest message
Mark message teaching English in Taiwan
Page: 1, 2
16 Admin 2009-05-04, 05:47 PM CET
badman Latest message
Mark message Learning English in Taiwan! The English Library Computer Project 1 Gary Smoke 2008-12-22, 11:52 AM CET
Gary Smoke Latest message
Mark message Bush and his latest ambitions 1 george 2008-06-18, 07:13 PM CET
george Latest message
Mark message news reporter going nuts 2 david 2008-05-15, 04:48 PM CET
dave Latest message
Mark message how was chinese new year in Taiwan? 1 Winny 2008-02-24, 08:42 AM CET
Winny Latest message
Mark message The CLA will strengthen the crackdown on kindergartens English-teaching 2 bob 2007-08-25, 10:53 AM CET
bob Latest message
Mark message Important news for registration 1 George 2007-03-10, 03:11 PM CET
George Latest message
closed thread Teachers contest 5 Davidvandoren 2006-03-09, 06:23 PM CET
Admin Latest message
Mark message teacher search for schools kindergartens and buxibans 1 Admin 2005-09-13, 04:14 AM CET
Admin Latest message
Mark message SSETT 1 SSETT 2005-08-01, 10:20 AM CET
SSETT Latest message
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