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Danshuei is a wonderful place

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New PostCreated: 2007-08-25, 02:32 PM CET  Subject: Danshuei is a wonderful place  print  print thread  recommend Reply with Quotation  

Danshuei is a wonderful place

Have you ever been to Danshuie? If not why donít you pick one day to visit , it was really a wonderful place.

After eating dinner, it was ten to five oíclock, and my mom asks her teacher that where did he wanted to have for a walk, while she is washing the dishes. My motherís teacher says that he didnít goes to Danshuei for a long time, so he would be glad to go there, if my mom had free time to go there right now.

And my mom says that she will has time to go to Danshuie for a walk after washing the dishes. When I heard that I think it was very nice, because I love to go to Danshuei immediately, and I think that the view now, in Danshuei will be very beautiful, and there has lots of shops, and places to sightseeing too!

When we got there, dad rented five bicycles, so that we could ride it together. We rode about two hours, and we all had already got tired.

Even though Iím tired, I still wanted to play more. So dad bought a soft ball to let my sister and I to play for a while. After playing we went to eat some ice-cream in the shop. In there our table was very close to the widow, so that we could see outside. It was very beautiful. And when we were eating mom told me that her teacher had already became a principal.

When I hear this I think that itís so cool. A university principal was eating in front of me, and sitting in the same table. After eating we went for a walk, we walk and walk. Finally weíve got into the car and went home. While we were in the car we said some jokes all laugh a lot.

Today was a the best trip that I had ever had it before. I hope that I can go to Danshuei every two month, so that I can be friend with Danshuei. If you are a visitor you must go there, because it is a very good and wonderful place for you to visit and you would forget it for your rest whole life.

Can someone correct my English please?


[edited: 2007-08-25, 03:13 PM CET by Admin]

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New PostCreated: 2010-05-12, 08:41 AM CET  Subject: Re: Danshuei is a wonderful place  print  recommend Reply with Quotation  

thanks for this keep it up

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