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New PostCreated: 2008-12-20, 06:37 PM CET     Subject: Re: Why did the Titanic sink? Reply with Quotation  

    Zitat: jenn

    1)  If they had let all of the compartments be filled, the weight of the ship would be more than the water displaced by it. Therefore, the buoyant force wouldn't be able to keep it afloat. The ship would have sank.

    2) The Titanic, on the other hand, was taking on 700 tons of water per second.

I think everybody knows that.
The question was if flooding all compartments could have kept Titanic from breaking apart. Therefore allowing to fill the ship up to it's full capacity. This could have bought some time.
It's all very hypothetical anyway since nobody could figure out this quickly what was going to happen.
Except the ships designer who got himself a seat in one of the lifeboats.

I looked up  Titanic's Weight (displacement)    46,000 tons.
Not sure, however if  46 000 tons was Titanic's water displacement then your 700 tons/s is quite off. You'd end up with 2 520 000 tons and this is the ship half empty.

Titanic's Weight (displacement)    46,000 tons.  Correct me if I am wrong

nach oben
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