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No new posts Meeting in Vaasa

Hi everybody!

Who is coming to Vaasa in the neat future?†

I probably come to Vaasa in May.

Hope to see†a couple†of you again!

The Finn 2005-02-06, 02:00 PM CET
No new posts Advantage: Membership

If you become a member in the forum you will be informed about special events and announcements, but you didnít get a flood of emails.

You also have the opportunity to write messages to all the other members, for example if you want to announce something.

Furthermore itís possible to chat with other members (less important) and to design your messages.

The Finn 2005-02-06, 01:46 PM CET
No new posts Rule: Advertisement

The forum is no advertisement platform! If I discover advertisement which is not related to the topic of the forum I am going to delete it immediately!

The Finn 2005-02-05, 11:18 AM CET
No new posts Rule: Content of your messages

Your messages shouldnít include sexual, xenophobic or illegal content.

Such messages will be deleted immediately.

The Finn 2005-02-05, 11:13 AM CET
No new posts Rule: English

The forum language is "English". The only exception is the guestbook, where you can also write in different languages!

If you donít pay attention to this rule I am going to delete your messages because the language "English" is the basis for a cross national conversation!

The Finn 2005-02-05, 11:02 AM CET
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