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Write a proper essay

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To better illustrate aspects of your thesis, you might use objective documentary sources: e.g., tables, graphs, illustrations, photographs, etc. to accompany your short essay. Or a press review of relevant newspaper articles, some paintings or cartoons that recall the topic and subjectively connote the paper review you intend to write.

Tricks of the Trade. Use the "straw man technique": present an opposing thesis to your own; then illustrate a sampling of theses that refute it, citing sources. Debate in detail the flaws and weaknesses of the thesis opposed to yours, showing that you are aware of them, and finally strike a blow, pointing out the solid and unassailable elements of your thesis, proven by the state of the art and the most accredited currents of thought that play in your favor. You can also make some "concessions": you enhance the opposite thesis in its general aspects, but you compare it with yours with respect to those elements for which it proves to be "weak", having indirectly the effect of demonstrating how the thesis you support is stronger.

Form is everything! To write your short essay well, it is best to use the third person. It gives professionalism, authority and allows you to construct clear sentences. Pay attention to the register used: employ the vocabulary appropriate to the discipline you are addressing, but do not complicate it further. The sentence should be formulated in a direct and comprehensible way, without too many panegyrics; eliminate redundancies and go straight to the core. Avoid overly articulate hypotheticals. Identify the regent sentence and take care not to include too many degrees of subordination. It is better to break a complex sentence into several simple ones. Try not to say trivial things, but don't let the speech become too rambling either!

Writing. Try to follow the outline you have set for yourself, but don't worry if, during the course of the work, you feel the need to integrate, eliminate or diverge from the path. The important thing is that you ensure substantial consistency in the construction of the text. Write the introduction (which should not be too long); frame the topic in a concise manner; use statements, quotations, personal anecdotes or historical events to support your thesis. In the main body of the text, present the argument that will be the backbone of your short essay. Argue the facts and elements related to the central argument; report the most attested theses and currents of thought, even those that contradict your point of view, and organize them into strategies, as illustrated in the previous points. The order of the paragraphs can be chronological, based on the history and literature on the topic, but always well related.

Reading and (re)writing. Carefully reread what you have written, several times and even aloud if you are in your study and preparing the essay for submission. Ask yourself questions: "Have I well constructed the summary of sources to support my point of view?"; "Have I illustrated all the logical reasons to support my thesis?"; "Is my essay consistent with the proposed topic and does it develop all the points I set out in the outline?" Write and supplement if there is anything to adjust or missing.

Revision. Take care of vocabulary and grammar; look for errors, typos, repetitions, logical links between propositions and paragraphs. Any examples should be clear to the reader, and have a friend or someone with hands-on experience read your short essay. Have them give an opinion: what would they add or take away from your argument? Does it work? Is it clearly written? Finally, the title: it should represent the point of view of your thesis and express the reasons for it in an icastic and concise manner. Think of more than one, try them and recombine.


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