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Samsung MZ-7TE120BW Serie 840 EVO Ba...
Keto 6tm Imagine a person who eats 500 kcal per day. For example, a snack bar (238 kcal), and the rest - a spoonful of olive oil and table sugar. Do you think he will really increase fat mass? Proponents of false theories will say that the example is incorrect, as an ordinary person eats much more. That's right, a person gets fat only because of excessive calorie intake, and the sources of these calories do not play a role. People set up animal experiments. One of them was rather cruel, but useful. Researchers checked data on the victims of the end-camps. On average, they were given 600 kcal per day. After their release, they were transferred to high-calorie foods, including many sweets. Because of the habit of eating little, they ate mostly sweets for the same 600-1000 kcal. At the same time, none of them gained weight until the pharmacologists who were treating anemia and other diseases with medications intervened. Only after they were forced to eat at 1800-2500 kcal per day, they began to gain weight. In fairness, let us tell you about the origins of such a myth. Sweets give a quick short-term saturation. Eating only sweets, and adhering to a shortage of calories - you lose weight, but it will be uncomfortable, as hunger increases. A prolonged feeling of hunger is stress, and stress is the hormonal response of the body. With this approach, the risk of falling off and eating more calories increases. Rumors about the dangers of sweets are forcing people to give up simple carbohydrates, and this, in an ideal world, helps them control their appetite and daily calories. However, as usual, good intentions had the opposite effect. Most often, a long rejection of simple carbohydrates leads to breakdown, and to the return of the lost weight. At the same time, there is no sense in such a refusal. Yes, sweet does not harm fat burning, but in all the measure is needed. We do not say that you need to eat only sweet. Balance is the key to healthy and long-term weight loss. No need to set yourself a harsh incomprehensible framework. Do you want sweets? - Eat, but observe the measure.
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