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New PostErstellt: 23.11.21, 02:44     Betreff: Crane power line system: Crane cable or sliding wire Antwort mit Zitat  

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Crane power line system
How to select the crane power line system for you overhead crane or gantry crane? Mainly the overhead crane and gantry crane power line option depend on the working site condition. Take the gantry crane manufacturer for example. There are two kinds of situations in general:

1) When the gantry crane is installed outdoors, the crane power supplying system usually adopts the crane cables.
2) When the gantry crane is installed inside the workshop, the sliding wire and crane cables, in such case, are both ok for power feeding.
In the following are some detailed applications of sliding wire and crane cables.

Sliding wire
Sliding wire are divided into two kinds: one is seamless sliding wire,the other is single pole sliding wire.

Seamless sliding wire
crane sliding wire
Seamless sliding wire

The seamless sliding wire doesnít have joint, which is a whole line, widely used when the crane travelling length is within 100m

Application: 1) When the crane travelling length is within 100m crane traveling length. 2) Seamless sliding wire is suitable for single girder crane, and just one crane conductor is needed for each one crane.
Limitation: This option is limited within 100m crane traveling length.
Advantage: The seamless sliding wire enables your crane reach the better performance when the crane traveling length doesnít exceed 100m. The seamless sliding wire can save your cost.
Suggestion: With the crane travelling length within 100m, the seamless sliding wire is your choice under common situations.
Single pole sliding wire
Single pole sliding wire
Single pole sling wire

Single pole sliding wire

The single pole sling wire is connected by pieces of wire, and it feeds the power through four lines.

Application: The single pole sling wire is suitable for double girder crane, and it doesnít have limitations for crane traveling length.
Advantages: No limitation on crane travelling length.
Limitation: There are wire joints, where should do more inspections.
Suggestion: Single pole sling wire is your good choice for Double girder crane and cranes with travelling length more than 100 meters.
Gantry crane power feeding system: Crane cables and cable drum
Gantry crane power line usually choose cables, which have to be matched with the cable drum, installed on the bottom of gantry crane leg. Generally, the crane cables have two types:

1) Round cable is feeding power for long traveling.
2) Flat cable is feeding power for traverse traveling.
gantry crane power feeding system

Gangry crane power feeding system

gantry crane cable and cable drum

Gantry crane cable and cable drum

Power line option
Generally speaking, common power line is used in the temperature between -20-+40℃, if the working environment temperature beyond the range, for lower temperature, there is cold resistance power line or cable, while for higher temperature working environment, there is high temperature resistance power line or cable. Therefore, it is very important to inform the detailed working condition of the site.

Crane power line solution to a particular case
As one very important part of crane, power line problems bothers many clients, however, it is not very complex problem actually. Some micro adjustments will help you.

Usually, the crane cables do not often have problems. It is the sliding wire that may bother you with some slight problems.

The common solution for the breakdown conductors are as follow:

  1. Please check the connection of sliding wire and conductors. Loose connections may be the problem there;
  2. Check the connection of sliding wires. There are joints between single pole sliding wires, which should be tightened often.
  3. Check the places, where is connected with crane. Do some adjustment if necessary.
  4. Check the sliding wires make sure they are installed straightly.
Crane power line system drawing

Crane power line system

As the core part during crane working, crane power line plays a lead role, once there is problems, crane will have trouble or stop working, which will affect the factory production, waste much time and money, in order to avoid any interrupts during production, learning some basic skills is very necessary for the operation people.

As the crane and crane service supplier, we are very pleased to provide any help for your operation of cranes. We welcome you to learn more of skills, if there is any questions regarding mechanical parts or electrical parts, please donít hesitate to contact with us, we are always to provide you most suitable solutions and best services.

Leave us a note about your idea on crane power line system and overhead crane, and gantry crane.

Crane power line system: Crane cable or sliding wire
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