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No new posts "sanitary cup" new choice for girls when it comes to that day of the month
Sanitary cup or menstrual blood cup It is a device for women to support menstruation like normal tampons. But the difference is that the sanitary cup is a cone-shaped cup to support menstruation instead. Usually, the sanitary cup is made of medical-certified silicone, ensuring that it does not harm your skin. And can be used continuously for up to 7 years. Apply for a new member with 168SLOTXO today. [url=]สล็อตxoใหม่[/url] Get a free bonus of 50% immediately. Minimum deposit of only 50 baht. Open Username for playing games and win prizes with us. not only that We have also prepared promotions. Try Slots and many more privileges waiting for you to choose to receive fully Advantages of sanitary pads Re-usable – Made of flexible silicone, it can be used for the next round of battles just by cleaning. Save money, save the world – with a long service life, it reduces waste and saves up to 95%. No need to change often - the cup can support menstruation for up to 12 hours. Mobility - Reduces discomfort when moving, not stuffy, not sticky, does not create unpleasant odors. Versatile – The sanitary cups are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate each person's menstrual volume. how to use I want girls to think that it's like wearing contact lenses that need to be kept clean and used properly so that they don't cause harm to the body. It can be divided into two main steps: The insertion process and the extraction process
ritcha 28.08.21, 09:53
No new posts How to use PopDog. Techniques for playing PopDog.
How to use PopDog or how to play PopDog after cat lovers play PopCat until the total number of clicks by country Competing at No. 1-2 with Taiwan, there is a website PopDog pleasing some dog lovers. And the gameplay is simple, similar to PopCat, but not just clicks like PopCat games. How to use PopDog How to play PopDog 1. Go to the website link 2. Type a funny name “User Name”. This name will be displayed on the screen on the top left. 3. Set the name “User Name” and press the “Close” button. 4. Then use your fingers to poke at the screen to make the dog smile. 5. If you see a picture of "dog snacks", hurry to press it because you will get ×10 at all. All SLOTXO games have a percentage of return programmed on the[url=]สล็อตxoค่ายใหญ่[/url] computer running the game. Why percentage returns are important because it is directly responsible For the amount you win or lose when you play on slots. The top will show the number of times we press and poke repeatedly, the dog will smile too. by Pop Dog will bring the score of dunking of everyone in that country Then ranked like a Pop Cat game, when viewed on August 16, 64 at 21.30 hours 🇹🇭 Thailand was ranked number 1 as well. The origin of PopDog is still unknown. But it is expected to be developed from PopCat, plus the domain is similar to Popcat as well.
ritcha 21.08.21, 09:47
No new posts Syphilis, the dangers of oral sex
Oral love or oral sex is more popular. The advantage is that it can't get pregnant. There are also a number of people who are more satisfied with oral sex than real sex, but there are drawbacks to the possibility of contracting STIs. Easy way to get free credit without deposit Just click get bonus on our link that players [url=]เล่นสล็อต[/url] are interested in and then subscribe to this free credit bonus for members who have never been a member before. If not protected properly One of them is syphilis, a life-threatening sexually transmitted disease. Know and prevent this disease to have proper sex. Don't worry about contagious disease. What is syphilis? Syphilis is caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum, which is found in the blood and body fluids, including in saliva. Can be transmitted through contact with secretions such as kissing, sex without a condom. and including doing oral sex It will cause infection. If the infection is found early, it can be cured. but left untreated until the last stage of symptoms The infection can spread to the cardiovascular system if not properly taken care of. can be life threatening Stage I syphilis (primary syphilis). The first symptom is a small ulcer on the genitals or anus. The patient may not have noticed or did not know it. Because the wound that occurs is painless Secondary syphilis It is a stage where the rash appears on the body, palms and soles, or sometimes there may also be raised blisters. latent stage syphilis At this stage of syphilis, the patient will not show any symptoms indicating that it is syphilis. This may be the most contagious stage. tertiary stage syphilis The infection will spread to the cardiovascular system. eventually spread to the nervous system which if not taken care of properly can be life threatening
ritcha 14.08.21, 09:23
No new posts US 'failing' on Covid: top health official
[img][/img] With the United States recording its highest daily Covid case load in six months, a top public [b][url=]slot wallet[/url][/b] health official warned Sunday that the country is "failing" in its battle to keep the coronavirus in check.A surge of the highly transmissible Delta variant has brought a slew of bad news in the United States, which already has the highest reported death toll worldwide from Covid-19 at more than 616,000. Total daily new cases have soared to 118,000, their highest level since February; deaths are up 89 percent over the past two weeks, even while slightly declining around the world; and children's hospitals in US states like Florida are being overwhelmed as young people are increasingly affected. "We should not really have ever got to the place we are," Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, said on ABC's "This Week." "In that regard, yes, we are failing." Fears about the Delta variant have sparked a surge in vaccination rates, but millions, especially in conservative-leaning areas of the country, remain skeptical about getting the shot. "We would not be in the place we are right now with this Delta surge if we had been more effective in getting everybody" vaccinated, Collins said. "Now we're paying a terrible price." - Vaccine approval seen soon - Another top health official, infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci, said final full approval of key vaccines from the federal Food and Drug Administration could come as early as this month -- something some skeptics have said they need to hear before taking the plunge. "I hope that it's within the month of August," Fauci told NBC's "Meet the Press."For now, the coronavirus vaccines have been approved on an emergency use basis to counter the pandemic. Fauci, who advises President Joe Biden on health matters, warned that failure to bring the Delta variant under control would increase the chances of a new variant emerging which "could be more problematic than Delta."
ritcha 09.08.21, 07:31
No new posts Immunization test after vaccination against coronavirus
For COVID Immunity Test after Vaccination Most will be tested after 4 weeks or more of 2 doses of vaccination. But should not be longer than 3 months, which the immune test after the covid vaccination is checked, there will be 3 main techniques: 1. Chemiluminescent Microparticle Immunoassay (CMIA) This method involves drawing blood and testing for IgG antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. The results are quantitative, in AU/mL units, which will be known within 1-2 hours. 2. Enzyme-Link Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) This method involves taking blood and testing for IgM and IgG antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. The results will be known within 2-3 days. The results are divided into 2 types: A negative result (IgG content < 1.0 U/mL) means that there was no immune response at the time of examination, possibly because it was not previously infected. or the body does not have an immune response to Spike Protein A positive (IgG dose ≥ 1.0 U/mL) indicates an immune response at the time of examination, possibly due to a previous infection. or have been vaccinated 3. Covid19 Antibody Level Test For this method, blood is drawn and tested to determine the level of immunity to SARS-CoV-2 in the Spike Protein, which is an important part of infecting the cells. and cause infection The results will be known within 1-2 hours. The results will be divided into 2 types: A negative result (IgG content < 1.0 U/mL) means that there was no immune response at the time of examination, possibly because it was not previously infected. or the body does not have an immune response to Spike Protein A positive result (IgG content ≥ 1.0 U/mL) indicates an immune response to Spike Protein at the time of examination, possibly due to a previous infection. or have been vaccinated A positive test result does not mean [url=]SLOTXO[/url] that your immune system is high enough and that you will not be re-infected.
ritcha 07.08.21, 09:30
No new posts Shaving and burning, how to cure and reduce irritation
Hairy men are caused by abnormalities in androgen hormones. or testosterone by abnormal hormone levels As a result, the hair grows slower and faster. However, many hair problems on the body cause many people to find a way to remove hair. Whether it's laser, waxing, using creams or chemicals. But the way that young people like to use it is shaving. Shaving is one of the oldest methods of hair removal. Because it is easy to do and less expensive compared to other methods. However, the poor quality shaving method has caused many people to face the problem of shaving and burning. which can occur for many reasons Today we would like to introduce the proper shaving method. Including how to cure and prevent shaving and burning. Which is the way to go? Let's see. Shaving and burning, how to cure and reduce irritation 1. Do not reuse the razor point. Use a separate razor for each area of ​​your shave, and don't use a razor that has been used on another part of your body to shave your extensions. Because used razors may be contaminated with bacteria. which causes a burning sensation or infection can occur as a result The best way to suggest to start shaving each spot every time Always use a new razor. 2. Multi-blade razor works better Choosing a razor blade with a 3 or 5 blade style will help you get a cleaner shave. Because a single blade or two blades may not shave smoothly at once. until having to shave the same spot again which causes skin irritation and stinging shave 3. Shave gently and slowly. Each point of hair shaving is said to be shaved lightly and slowly. It will help reduce the burning sensation during shaving. In addition, do not press hard on the handle of the razor, as this will damage the skin. Just exert some support and direction. The sharp blade will take care of the hair for you. 4. Take a warm shower before shaving. Tips for taking a warm shower before shaving I can tell you that it can help reduce the burning sensation during shaving. This is because the heat of warm water expands the pores and softens the hair. Makes shaving easier Reduce the need to shave repeatedly in the same spot that causes burning sensations. 5. Use Pre Shave Oil or Shaving Gel If taking a warm shower and still worried about burning, it is recommended to apply Pre Shave oil or nourishing oil before shaving. Pre Shave oil will help soften the skin and make it easier to shave. Alternatively, you can opt for a shaving cream or gel formulated to reduce irritation during shaving as well. However, if you want to know how necessary shaving cream is. You can read more here. For young people who have problems shaving and burning. Try changing your shaving technique to the one we recommend. This will make it easier for you to shave the hair in different spots and not have to worry about the burning sensation that will follow. Thanks for the information from: [url=]joker game[/url]
ritcha 05.08.21, 06:37
No new posts Amazon Broke Law And Should Face New Union Election, Labor Official Finds
The labor union challenging its election loss at an Amazon warehouse cleared its first major hurdle this week, with a preliminary finding that the online retailer violated labor law during the closely watched union campaign in Alabama earlier this year. [url=]joker game[/url] A hearing officer for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a report this week recommending that workers vote in a fresh election because Amazon tainted the mail-in election that ended in April. The finding undermines what Amazon had cast as a clean and resounding rejection of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) by its workers. The NLRB official said Amazon spoiled the process for a fair election in two particular ways. The company distributed “vote no” paraphernalia to workers in front of supervisors, which may have been coercive, and pressured the U.S. Postal Service to place a mailbox at the warehouse for the election. The election was done through mail ballots, and the NLRB had determined beforehand that there would not be drop boxes onsite. Amazon’s insistence on placing a mailbox at work “usurped the [board]’s exclusive role in administering Union elections,” the hearing officer, Kerstin Meyers, wrote. The mailbox alone “destroyed the laboratory conditions and justifies a second election,” she concluded. Meyers’ finding does not guarantee another election will be held. Her recommendation will now go to a regional director at the NLRB, and after that, potentially to the five-member board in Washington that ultimately settles such disputes on appeal. The Senate recently confirmed two of President Joe Biden’s picks for that board, assuring that Democrats will have control of it by September. A Democratic majority is more likely than a Republican majority to rule in favor of unions in contentious cases. Stuart Appelbaum, the RWDSU’s president, said the union supported Meyers’ findings. “Amazon’s behavior throughout the election process was despicable,” Appelbaum said in a statement. “Amazon cheated, they got caught, and now they are being held accountable.”
ritcha 04.08.21, 06:17
No new posts alleviate anxiety disorders Wherever you go, wherever you go!
for tourism Sickness is a big obstacle that can make vacationing more enjoyable. It may even make the trip that I have been trying to put in such a bad way fail at all. Therefore, being prepared for any ailments that may arise at any time is just as important as packing up for travel. Today, I would like to share some examples of illnesses that are common in travel and how to prevent them from the website [url=]joker game[/url] If you want to enjoy the journey without interruption, you must read. heartburn when we travel We tend to eat more than usual. And this overeating puts pressure on the valve between the stomach and esophagus. This causes gastric juice to flow back up into the esophagus. resulting in a burning sensation in the middle of the chest Many people mistakenly think that heartburn is Gastroesophageal reflux disease, but actually it's just the beginning of acid reflux. Plus, these symptoms can also occur if you eat too much oily or spicy food. Avoid eating foods that are too spicy or oily. and eat food in moderation They should also carry medications in the digestive aid group. or medication to reduce heartburn But if you don't take the pills, but the symptoms appear Quickly find a seat to rest. Because the gravity of the earth will help cause gastric juice to flow back into the stomach as usual. And should keep sipping water to flush the gastric juice that remains in my esophagus. myositis Outdoor activities you do during your travels, such as swimming, playing outdoor sports, mountain climbing, or even hiking. It may be the cause of muscle inflammation. until the bully makes the trip all fun Because we will feel pain in the muscles that are inflamed. If there is no treatment, it may cause chronic symptoms that require surgery. The best defense is not to engage in extreme or strenuous activities. And should be stretching every time if doing outdoor activities. To reduce the incidence of injuries caused by outdoor activities. But if the symptoms of muscle inflammation, then Should reduce activities that use that muscle to be less. A cold compress should be applied to the inflamed area to relieve pain. Or if anyone knows that the muscles are already injured and the risk of developing inflammation from traveling on this trip Should carry drugs in the group Ibuprofen, which is a drug in the group that reduces pain and inflammation of the muscles in my pocket.
ritcha 03.08.21, 10:51
No new posts The most advanced item...stone mat, absorbs water well, dries quickly, does not stink.
Doormat or Diatomite Mat is a doormat made from a material called diatomaceous earth. or aerated rock Caused by the accumulation of natural volcanic rock minerals that have been deposited for a long time. Therefore, it has the property of absorbing moisture. absorb water quickly and evaporates quickly Prevents the accumulation of mold and bacteria, no musty smell. with anti-slip pad and a cleaning pad in the box can be cleaned easily When stains occur, use sandpaper to sand the surface. And use a damp cloth to wipe it off and hang to dry. Suitable for placing in front of the shower enclosure. or in front of the bathroom to dry your feet There are many patterns to choose from from the brand HOME LIVING STYLE. Those who are interested can buy it today at all HomePro branches. Or or shop via Chat&Shop4 You , or online at [url=]joker123[/url]
ritcha 02.08.21, 11:43
No new posts Formula to reduce large pores. make the face come back smooth
The problem of large pores There are several reasons. Whether it's hormones Skin that produces too much oil or genetics Even if it's not as prominent as acne problems But it makes the surface not smooth. makeup does not last especially oily skin people Although there is currently no cure for it. But there are ways to deal with and prevent enlarged pores. in a simple way as follows: Wash your face properly How to wash your face to take care of the large pores. You should wash your face twice a day and finish off with cold water. To help shrink pores after washing away the dirt. make the face smoother It is also necessary to choose facial cleansing products that are suitable for our skin type. Choose skin care products. Those with enlarged pores should choose products that contain retinoids. that helps prevent clogging or gentle skin ingredients such as rosemary and lavender to prevent enlarged pores and to help prevent skin irritation. spot treatment Visible large pores It is most often the oily areas on the face such as the nose, cheeks, forehead, so spot treatments are another possible way to achieve a smooth, even complexion. It may be a face mask. or laser to reduce enlarged pores avoid sunlight being exposed to the sun until the skin becomes dry It is the cause of enlarged pores as well. If you want to deal with the problem of enlarged pores effectively. Should avoid being in the sun for a long time. to prevent UV rays from harming the skin or if you need to be in the sun Preventive measures should be taken, such as applying sunscreen, covering up clothing, etc. Continued article this link --> [url=]joker game[/url]
ritcha 01.08.21, 11:23
No new posts detained at home How to behave
while still unable to find a bed and had to stay at home while waiting for the doctor to pick him up or is a COVID-19 patient who has been granted Home Isolation, must strictly protect himself. To protect yourself and those around you as follows: 1. Refrain from leaving home or place of residence. and forbid people to visit the house Patients must take time off from work or school, refrain from leaving their homes, or go to community areas or areas where they encounter a large number of people. Refrain from traveling across the province should not travel by public transport and prohibiting anyone from visiting the house during isolation is strictly prohibited. 2. Wear a mask and wash hands regularly wear a mask or cloth mask all the time to come out of the living room and must wash hands frequently for at least 20 seconds when touching objects or areas that must be shared with others Before and after eating, going to the bathroom, or when touching your face with secretions such as mucus, saliva, immediately clean your hands with soap or alcohol gel. 3. Keep your distance Avoid talking to or being close to others. Quarantine at home when infected with covid Avoid close contact with family members, especially children, the elderly and chronically ill patients. or if necessary Must wear a mask at all times By keeping a distance of at least 2 meters and not sharing with other people in air-conditioned rooms. 4. Separate meals Patients should eat food by scooping into a private room. Or if eating together, should eat separately. Do not share meals in the same deck or share a common spoon. and maintain a distance of at least 2 meters between them In the case of someone providing food or order food delivery Specify a specific pick-up point. to avoid direct conversation or touch 5. Separate personal appliances Personal items of COVID-19 patients such as plates, bowls, spoons, forks, chopsticks, glasses, clothes, towels or blankets that are at risk of contaminating secretions such as saliva and snot should be separated from family members. not shared to reduce the spread of germs by touch and when finished, should be cleaned Then it should be dried in the sun or baked to sterilize. If possible, at meals, choose disposable containers. not reusable and discarded in a separate trash bin. 6. Separate bedroom Patients should be confined to the area or in a private room, separate bedroom. If the room cannot be separated, the sleeping area should be kept as far away from other people as possible. And should open the window for good ventilation. They should not sleep together in a closed room with air conditioning. 7. Separate washing clothes, separate bathrooms Separate washing of clothes, towels and bedding. with water and soap or detergent, and then dry in the sun. Separate bathroom or in case of inseparable Must share bathroom with others should be the last and when doing personal errands Sanitary ware should be cleaned after each use with bleach or detergent. And always close the toilet lid before pressing the water. Regularly clean the property with 5% bleach or wipe the exposed surfaces with 70% alcohol. 8. Regularly clean your mobile phone or computer. for patients who are alone The indispensable device to relieve loneliness is mobile phone and computer Therefore, use alcohol or disinfectant wipes once a day to kill COVID-19 and clean any dirt that sticks or remains on the surface of the screen. Also, do not allow anyone else to touch or access the patient's equipment or personal belongings. to avoid touching surfaces with residual virus Blog Post: [url=]joker game[/url]
ritcha 30.07.21, 10:00
No new posts How is colon cancer treated?
After being diagnosed with colon cancer The doctor will check again carefully to see what stage the symptoms are. Then start planning for treatment. However, the doctor must check the patient's readiness condition. whether it is in terms of health, age and stage of cancer and then to come up with a treatment plan The treatment methods that are widely used are: 1. Surgery Surgery is considered the primary treatment for cancer. Your doctor will recommend surgery to remove the cancerous lump as soon as possible. to prevent cancer cells from spreading Most of the time, if a patient with cancer in the early stages will use only surgical treatment. It will have surgery to remove the waste intestine and bring the rest of the intestine together. But if the cancerous part is near the anus, the anus may be removed. and allow the patient to use the stool through the abdomen The doctor will then perform close follow-up to ensure there is no recurrence. But if the patient is in stage 2 or more, radiation therapy or chemotherapy will be added after the surgery as well in order to destroy all cancer cells not to be left until the cancer recurs 2. Radiation therapy Radiation therapy is a treatment that uses radiation to destroy cancer cells at the site of the disease. This can reduce the size of the cancerous lump. and destroy almost all cancer cells making surgery easier By using radiation therapy, it can be done both before and after surgery. But nowadays, doctors prefer to use radiation therapy before surgery. due to better results But postoperative radiation therapy can prevent recurrence of the disease. and reduce the introduction of the intestine to the abdomen as well 3. Chemotherapy This therapy is used in conjunction with surgery. Patients after surgery will need additional chemotherapy to remove any remaining cancer cells. However, patients who need this treatment must be patients who are in stage 2 onwards or have large tumors. Chemotherapy can greatly increase a patient's chances of survival. while in some cases that cannot be operated on Chemotherapy becomes the main treatment. to prevent cancer cells from spreading reduce the pain of cancer But will not be able to cure it. colon cancer How to prevent The cause of colon cancer can be hereditary. But we can reduce the risk of cancer in many ways, whether it is a healthy diet. Focus on eating fiber-rich foods. Avoid foods that are high in fat. especially foods that contain saturated fat Red meat should be eaten less. They should also take care of the digestive system to be normal at all times. Do not cause inflamed bowel, irritable bowel syndrome, or frequent constipation if you have chronic digestive problems. should see a doctor for serious treatment They should also check for cancer risk at least once a year. Read all :: [url=]joker game[/url]
ritcha 29.07.21, 10:50
No new posts Can we get too much natural sugar?
Some celebrities advise us to refrain from all kinds of sugar. including natural sugars But the sugar in fruit and milk is a healthy food and we shouldn't skip it. But although it is natural sugar, but if we eat too much, it will cause too much sugar as well. But most people who choose to eat whole foods and get natural sugars tend to get it in small quantities. Cutting two slices of fruit onto a peanut butter sandwich doesn't give us as much sugar as eating jelly or jam. Which has added sugar and focuses on the balance of food as well. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends that adults eat two cups of fruit a day and at least 2.5 cups of vegetables a day, and two to three servings of dairy products a day. 1 cup low-fat or no-fat guts and 1.5 ounces of cheese, which means that if you want a healthy diet, you don't have to eat them. But if you want to reduce sugar, you can reduce the amount of these foods at all. if friends People who drink soy milk should drink it without sugar or less sugar. But keep in mind that dairy products are an important source of calcium. If we don't eat these foods, we should get calcium from other foods such as tofu, chia seeds, kale, etc. when we eat sugar Our taste buds begin to adjust gradually and when we return to soft drinks again. This time we will feel that it is too sweet. This makes it even easier to cut down on sugar. What about sweeteners instead of sugar? I have to tell you. Although we think it's not very dangerous. But in science it is not. While people often use these substances to lose weight and cut calories. But it makes us want more sugar and have more appetite. Some studies have found that switching to sweetened sodas increases the risk by 36% of metabolic syndrome and by 67% of type II diabetes. But at the same time, stevia has been found to help protect us from certain types of cancer. and may also help patients with kidney disease have an effect Better "checking blood sugar levels after 8 hours of fasting" Yet another 35 studies have found that sweeteners do not improve health at all. Some of the volunteers who took part in the trial lost weight and may have better blood sugar test results. But your BMI or BMI hasn't dropped at all. So if your doctor doesn't tell us you need to use sweeteners, We should use methods to reduce sugar intake, add less sugar when cooking. And if you want to add sugar in coffee, you should add a little. Source: [url=]joker game[/url]
ritcha 28.07.21, 10:54
No new posts Beauty benefits of avocados.
See, avocados are loaded with health benefits like this. But the benefits of avocado It's not just that. Because avocado pulp can also help nourish skin, hair and enhance beauty as well. which is as follows 1. to be extracted to make cosmetics Avocados can only be extracted from the oil. for use in the production of cosmetics because the oil extracted from the avocado Has the ability to add moisture to the skin smooth and soft to the touch. and slow down premature aging as well Which is suitable for people with dry skin as the most important thing is that it is gentle on the skin. Does not cause allergic reactions as well. 2. Accelerate the growth of hair For people whose hair is slow, not long enough, or the hair tends to fall out often. I can use avocado oil. to accelerate the growth of hair as well By giving avocado oil a gentle massage on the head. Doing it regularly will help stimulate the hair roots. make hair grow faster It also increases strength. Reduce the problem of lack of hair loss as well. 3. Nourish your face with avocado face mask recipe. Avocado helps to nourish the skin to be smooth. and add moisture to the skin as well Most of which are popular to bring avocado to face mask with secret recipes. In order to be more effective in nourishing and caring for the skin, there are 2 mask formulas that I would like to recommend as follows: Clear face mask recipe I want my skin to be beautiful, clear, without wrinkles, pimples and bitter pores. I need this recipe. Easy to make and gentle on the skin. does not cause irritation Even people with sensitive skin can use this mask as well. Ingredients to prepare 1-2 avocado pulp, 1-4 cups oatmeal, and 2 tablespoons honey. Method: Bring all the ingredients that have been prepared. Let's mix together and stir until the texture is smooth and fine. or until it can be used as a mask which when the mixture is finished To bring avocado mask. To apply all over the face. Then leave the mask for about 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water. Do it regularly. Facial skin will be smooth and soft. It is very compact and pleasant to the touch. face mask recipe Rejuvenate dry skin Dry and rough skin from being exposed to the sun, wind and exposure to smoke. too much pollution It can be managed with a face mask formula. That will help restore the skin from dryness to come back to life and look moisturized. smoother and softer It also helps to remove dirt that clogs the pores completely. Make the skin firm and look firm as well. Thanks for the information >> [url=]joker game[/url]
ritcha 27.07.21, 10:41
No new posts 7 foods that help burn belly fat
7 foods that help burn belly fat 1. Yogurt (Calcium can help) A review of 90 studies by the journal Nutrition Reviews found a link between high calcium intake and body composition. When we have low calcium levels, our bodies secrete hormones to make us use the little calcium better. But it will also signal the body to accumulate fat. Good sources of calcium are milk, yogurt, and cheese. Eat dairy products three times a day and control your diet. We will be able to reduce fat continuously. 2. Oats and Barley (Contains Fiber) Eating these foods can help reduce belly fat. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who participated in diet trials were divided into two groups. The first group was told to avoid grains. In the second group, only grain-based diets (e.g. oats, barley, brown rice) were found to be equally effective in losing weight. But the whole grain diet group lost more belly fat. We should eat grains three times a day. because it contains soluble fiber and does not increase blood sugar levels as well 3. Green tea (contains catechins) Green tea not only protects us from cancer but also helps us lose fat. Especially when walking exercises go hand in hand. According to the Journal of Nutrition, the volunteers who took part in the trial were given an antioxidant called catechins extracted from green tea. and there was another group of people who would be given a drink without catechins. Each week they were required to complete 180 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, mainly walking. After 12 weeks, the catechins group lost 7.4% more belly fat than the other group. The catechins help to increase the metabolic rate to a degree that can cause the liver to start burning fat. to burn So let's drink 4-6 cups of caffeinated green tea a day and do a total of 180 minutes of exercise. 4. Egg (protein) Cutting calories is still the best way to lose weight as long as you don't eat too little protein. According to the Journal of Nutrition, people with moderately high protein intake (40% carbs, 30% protein) or moderately high carb (55% carbs, 15% protein). After 1 year, it was found that the moderately high protein group Will be able to lose 38% more body fat than other groups. How does protein help us? It's because your body needs calories to digest protein. In addition, during the time when we lose weight, protein helps to maintain muscle mass from decreasing. Because muscle mass, it will burn more calories than fat. Plus, protein can help you feel fuller than carbohydrates. Protein should be included in every meal, especially breakfast. Eggs are a convenient and inexpensive alternative. Boiled eggs can be eaten as a snack as well. Eggs are also one of the few foods that contain vitamin D, which research has shown to play a role in weight loss. 5. Walnuts and almonds (good fats) The Archives of Internal Medicine published a study involving 1,200 volunteers, divided into three groups and with different diets. The first group ate the Mediterranean diet. and had to eat 1 ounce of walnuts per day. The second group ate the same Mediterranean diet. but had to eat 1 liter of olive oil per week, while the third group used a general diet. The results showed that only the first group was able to lose belly fat. Several studies have found that nuts are a waist-friendly food as long as you don't overeat them. This is because it contains fiber, protein, and good fats, which may increase insulin sensitivity, promoting weight loss. Walnuts are also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, as well as calcium. 6. Salmon (Omega 3) Eating fat may sound like a crazy idea. while we are trying to lose fat But getting omega-3 fatty acids from fatty salmon might be what your doctor recommends. Although at this time we still can't find the answer to how omega 3 helps reduce fat. However, some studies have shown that omega-3s can help you feel less hungry and that eating fatty fish can help you feel satisfied after eating for another 2 hours. So we should eat salmon. Mons or fatty fish such as mackerel, herring, canned tuna at least twice a week. 7. Blueberry (contains anthocyanin) University of Michigan research in rats found that 2% daily calorie intake from blueberries for 90 days reduced belly fat. And it was effective in the group of rats fed a low-fat diet. Scientists say anthocyanins may help regulate fat burning. And this method worked for people who ate 1 cup of blueberries a day and had the same results as the mice in the experiment. Source :: [url=]joker game[/url]
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No new posts 7 benefits of argan oil Helps nourish the skin deeply
Pure natural extracted oil is a raw material that has been used since the past to present. Can be used in a variety of formats including cooking, health maintenance, disease treatment and beauty enhancement The extracted oil that we are probably known for is inevitably olive oil. But if it's a little more modern, it will be coconut oil that is popular all over the house in the city. with an affordable price and easy to buy Until it is a favorite product of anyone, grandchildren, which today we will not talk about the properties of coconut oil that friends. I'm probably already familiar with it. But will recommend another pure extracted oil that is equally good to friends. got to know each other Our hero today is Argan oil or argan oil, sure enough. Argan oil is a pure oil known as a miracle oil. Originated from Morocco It is rich in various unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, which are definitely needed for good health. So let's take a look at that. How will the argan oil benefit our skin? 1. Helps restore skin at night The first property of argan oil is that it helps restore. and add moisture while sleeping with efficiency that is absorbed quickly And does not leave any oiliness on the face, just 1 drop can be used all over the face and neck. In addition to moisture Argan oil is also pure anti-aging. And it's definitely safe. 2. The toner prepares the skin. Did you know that argan oil can be used as a toner for wiping the face before further nourishment as well and is also formulated without chemicals and alcohol, resulting in products that are gentle on the skin with 3 types of raw materials: Brewed tea bags, 2-4 drops of argan oil and essential oils Smell as you like. First, soak the tea bag in warm water prepared to allow the water to seep into the tea leaves for 5-7 minutes, then wait for the water to cool to room temperature, add 4 drops of argan oil to the aromatic oil. Evaporate the scent that friends like, which can be added or not. and put them in a sealed container Use after washing your face every morning and evening. 3. Exfoliate skin cells Normally, human skin should be exfoliated to get rid of dead skin cells. and revealing a new, bright-looking skin if your friends feel that many brands of scrubs are not as gentle on the skin Try mixing a few drops of argan oil with a tablespoon of brown sugar and apply it to your skin once or twice a week for a more radiant complexion. It also does not damage the skin as well. 4. Reduce acne, annoying problems Argan oil also has properties to help heal and reduce acne by removing excess oil on the face. Just pour 1 drop of argan oil onto the palm of your hand and apply it to the acne-prone area after washing your face. and wipe the toner In addition, friends can also use tea tree oil along with argan oil to increase the efficiency of acne treatment. Because tea tree oil is a herb that has a good antibacterial effect. 5. Remove stretch marks Stretch marks are another problem that bothers women. That does not want to happen to our skin for sure. But if it happens, it needs to be treated as quickly as possible. Argan oil has the effect of helping to replenish moisture to the skin. restore skin elasticity Makes stretch marks look shallower. Just apply 2-3 drops of argan oil to the stretch marks every day to see good results. 6. Relieve rashes Argan oil also has properties to help relieve redness from shaving. or a rash from sun exposure and reduce irritation as well Just take a few drops of argan oil, pour it on your hands and warm it up. then apply lightly Apply on the rash area 1-2 times a day. and the rash will gradually decrease 7. Nourish the skin from head to toe. You readers may be familiar with the use of coconut oil to nourish the body. or hair treatment for shine But let me tell you that argan oil can do the same. Whether it is applied all over the body to add moisture. Bring to the hair before washing as usual to increase strength. and shine to the hair It can also be used to nourish the lips, fingernails, toenails, to the heels to prevent dryness and cracks. Friends will use only pure argan oil. You can also mix it with coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil. More details can be found on our website: [b][url=]joker game[/url][/b]
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No new posts Doing for what you love
Of course, living to do what we love. It means more than just doing it for the money. For example, if we need to work hard every day to do a job we don't like, just because this job is highly paid. Some people might think it's worth the patience to do so. but in fact The money earned from that work It can't really make up for something that is lacking. Would it be better if we could choose to do what we love? Although the compensation may not be very high. But we can be happy with that. Doing something to live with the things we love It is another helper that allows us to relax with that activity without having to look at the time. how many hours have passed Because we enjoy it and are happy to do it. For this reason, it is the best driving force. even if there are obstacles in the work I still have the power to push myself to continue. Besides money, what do we do it for? I want everyone to try to look back and see if there are any that match with me or not. Has there been a clear goal in the future yet? Because it depends on ourselves what kind of life we ​​want to live. In addition to having to meet the basic needs People actually do things to fulfill their needs and achieve their goals. Live for loved ones or family and want to be accepted by others. Including doing it to pass on to the next generation as well. We tend to spend our time doing things that we like. And having fun with it makes us happy. which money cannot replace those things Even if money can buy happiness It was only temporary happiness. Because doing it for money alone is not always the answer to life. From that said, if we do it, we are happy. It must affect itself in one way or another. But I want you to see that we are happy from what we have done in that work and what have we learned from doing those things? Because money can't buy everything. Thanks for the information >> [url=]joker game[/url]
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No new posts Here are 6 things you probably didn't know about it.
Migraines are neurological disorders. that when faced with stress affecting the mind, there will be symptoms immediately But this might not make us know it better. Madame would like to share 6 stories about "migraine" for friends. got to know more about this symptom 1. Migraines are caused by very high levels of stress. There are differences between normal headaches and migraines because migraines are caused by stress that, in addition to headaches, has other symptoms, such as sensitivity to light, nausea, etc., and often lasts for several hours. Importantly, when pain must be taken immediately. Because if the pain is left for a long time, then take the medicine It will make the pain very difficult. and the pain was extremely severe. 2. Migraines do not have to be still immediately. Some people have the idea that when migraines hurt, they immediately go to bed still. There's no need to stay still. We can still walk even though we have pain in almost every part of our body, but it just hurts more than staying still. 3. Migraine, a symptom that you don't want to tell anyone. Migraines are never fully understood by outsiders, so people who suffer from it tend to dislike having to explain their symptoms to anyone. 4. Migraines cause mood swings. When feeling angry at the beginning Sometimes we may not be able to control our emotions at all. So we can get angry at a higher level from this symptom. 5. Migraine. The senses are sensitive. When you have a migraine, your senses are more sensitive to stimuli such as sounds, smells, and lights, making you feel irritable and easily headache. People with migraines tend to have a lot of problems with their daily lives. 6. Migraines, sometimes not pain. Migraines sometimes aren't as painful as a 50-year-old does. They only have warning symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting. or feel a kaleidoscope It depends on the individual as well. Happy reading! Information from:: [url=]joker game[/url]
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No new posts 6 Dangerous signs of "kidney disease". Know beforehand. Less risk!
The impact of the fast-paced lifestyle of Thai people Create behaviors that lead to long-term health problems such as improper eating habits. until eventually becoming a source of disease Especially one of the diseases that threaten the health of Thai people, namely "kidney disease", a disease that patients still need to understand and skills in health care for patients to cope with the disease and live happily This time, I would like to bring up "6 Dangerous Signs of Kidney Disease". In medical practice, there are 6 important symptoms that may be warning signs that you may have kidney disease. Let's tell each other so that everyone can explore their health today. The first sign is difficulty urinating or urinating. It is a symptom that clearly indicates urinary tract problems and possibly kidney disease. They are divided into two groups: the first group, “burning urination caused by urinary tract infections”, is more common in females than in sex. male For men, if they have this condition, they may have hidden kidney stones or an enlarged prostate. Patients with this symptom may also have fever and lumbar pain. The second group, “difficulty urinating, requiring strong pressure, not urinating. Or urinary stumbles in the middle of the carriage “some people may urinate frequently or urinating at night This indicates that there is a blockage of the urinary tract. The most common is an enlarged prostate in males. or uterine prolapse in females If left untreated, urine will remain in the bladder. This can lead to frequent infections or chronic obstruction of the urinary tract leading to kidney failure. So if you have any of these symptoms, don't worry. Sign 2: Urinating at night or urinating more often than usual Our bladder can hold about 250 cc of urine, or the equivalent of a glass of water. A normal person during a 6-8 hour sleep at night usually doesn't need to wake up to urinate. Because at night, the kidneys will reabsorb more water, causing less urine production. In addition, when we sleep, we do not drink more water. So you don't have to get up to urinate at night. But in patients with chronic kidney disease, the body will not be able to absorb water back into the body as well as people with normal kidneys. So at night there is still a lot of urine output. to get up to urinate In normal people, if they drink water before bedtime, they may wake up to urinate 1-2 times during the night, but urinating more than 2 times at night is considered abnormal. The third sign is bloody urine. It's a water-based paint. or abnormal turbidity Urine is usually a clear yellow color. It may darken with little water and fade with plenty of fluids. Blood red or flesh-colored urine indicates blood may be present in the urine. This is caused by urinary tract infections, stones, nephritis, or urinary tract tumors. Blood in the urine can be divided into two groups. Bloody urine with pain in the pubis, lower abdomen, or burning sensation when urinating. It is usually caused by stones or urinary tract infections. Bloody urine with no pain often caused by nephritis urinary tract tumors or a blood disorder that makes it easier to bleed This is often found with bleeding in other parts of the body as well. Continued article this link --> [url=]joker game[/url]
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No new posts 6 things to make morning exercise easier
Refreshing after waking up. Maybe the 6 methods from this article may help you. It's easier to exercise in the morning. 1. Get enough sleep Your inability to get up early or wake up feeling sleepy is probably because you stay up late. In order to fix the cause of rushing to bed early, around 3-4 pm, believe me, you will wake up early and clear your head until you don't have to rely on an alarm clock at all. 2. Bet the right way Gambling with a friend that you can do 5-6 workouts every day or a week for a small amount, such as 100 baht, is another viable option. For those who lose a bet, they will have to pay that amount to the winner. Trust me, you'll wake up without being woken up by anyone. 3. Check out your favorite exercise method. What kind of exercise do you like? Try getting your equipment ready! Start with cute workout clothes, shoes, headbands, bikes, smartphones, headphones, or fill up a bottle of water. Be prepared like this. How can you not wake up? 4. Relying on “patience” as a guide Exercising, of course, must be exhausting. But don't be discouraged from the first 5 minutes, endure a little more and reduce the speed. Once your blood is pumping, you'll feel better. 5. Try setting goals for yourself. This is very easy Just post a message on social media that tomorrow you will be practicing yoga, taking a cycling class or hiking yoga. which may invite friends on Facebook to meet there If you don't go but your friends go Everyone in the social world will know immediately! 6. You don't have to be very serious. Don't expect too much and take your exercise seriously. because it will stress you Try making exercise fun by playing soft music along the way. Try these 6 tips every morning of your friends. It will become a wonderful morning! Blogger: [url=]joker game[/url]
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No new posts Wash your face with a shower. How scary, let's see!
Modern girls have a lifestyle that is in a hurry. Therefore, we are addicted to ways to take care of yourself or take care of your skin in a quick, easy, convenient and not too time-consuming way But some things cannot be overlooked. Because it can cause long-term negative effects such as washing your face to clean the skin. During rush hour or we want it to be more convenient I always wash my face with the shower while taking a shower, right? But did you know that it has a more detrimental effect on your skin than you think? What are the consequences? Cleansing the skin with a shower It's not very good for the skin at all. Because the strength of the water in the shower will destroy the natural oiliness of the skin completely. Especially if anyone has dry skin, this is the end of the news. In addition to making the skin heavier than before. Pores are also enlarged. So if we're going to wash our face, we shouldn't be lazy. If you don't wash at the sink, use your hands to wash the water from the shower and gently wash it, in order to preserve your skin's health for a longer time. Content summary: [url=]joker game[/url]
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No new posts Covid in Wales: What do the stats tell us?
What can different statistics tell us about coronavirus in Wales? Here, we update some of the key areas of data for measuring the pandemic and we also try to explain some of the different measures being used.The number of positive tests is running at an average of 704 a day across Wales. The week before it was 553 and a month ago it was about 100.Although cases are still rising, the doubling time is now about 14 days, whereas cases were doubling every seven days towards the end of June. This suggests the growth in cases might be easing off. On 1 July, the overall Wales seven-day case rate rose above 100 for the first time since February. But the landscape for the third wave looks different from the start of the second wave last autumn, which also predated the vaccination period.Here we can see, although there has been a rise in case rates in the past few weeks, it has so far been a different pattern to last autumn. Younger people testing positive There is a difference too in the age profile we are seeing compared with earlier waves, because of the vaccine. Back in November, about 35% of positive tests were among the under-30s, now that is between 55% and 68%. Read More: [url=]joker slot[/url] We can also clearly see how the higher case rates among the under-25s are driving the rates in those local authority areas where they are highest. We can see from the latest Public Health Wales (PHW) breakdown, cases among under-25s across north Wales, Powys and parts of south Wales, continue to show higher incidences. The highest cases rate for under-25s is in Wrexham with 512.3 cases per 100,000 - that's 205 cases in the most recent week, just under half of all cases. More than half of Welsh council areas saw a weekly rise in case rates among under 25s, with the biggest increases in Powys, Newport and Bridgend. The area still has around 5,600 young people who have not taken up a vaccine yet. When we break down to a community level, we can see clusters appearing in different parts of Wales, still dominated by Wrexham, but two communities in Newtown in Powys currently have the highest local case rates - with 91 positive tests in the past week between them. Others include Rhyl North in Denbighshire, Sarn, Bryn-coch & Bryncethin in Bridgend and Lisvane in Cardiff. Fewer than 7% of local communities have had two or fewer Covid positive tests in the past week.
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No new posts Things you should know about exercise to be fully effective
Want to lose weight effectively along with having a healthy body Of course, exercise can help a lot. Today we look at what you should know about exercising properly. 1. Always warm up before exercising. Because warming up before every workout will warm your body up. It also prepares all muscles in every proportion to be flexible and ready for exercise. This will help prevent injury to the muscles or tendons that follow. For how to warm up people who tend to exercise often. Knowing that this warm-up doesn't have a fixed position. Let our body move in all proportions before a serious exercise is considered valid. 2. Eat right before going to exercise. Exercise requires a lot of energy, so every time you go to a gym, girls should pay attention to eating the right foods before going out, such as boiled eggs, oats, corn, whole wheat bread and bananas. Choose foods that contain carbohydrates and not too heavy Eat and feel full easily and full for a long time, also easy to digest. This will make weight loss exercises even more effective. And it allows you to exercise more effectively too. 3. You should not exercise when you are sick. Sickness is a normal thing that we cannot avoid. And it's true that exercise will help you stay healthy. can prevent illness But that doesn't mean that when you're sick When you have to get up and exercise, so if you feel sick. have a fever or feel unwell It is better to avoid exercise beforehand. Otherwise, it may cause myocarditis or pericarditis. Along with diarrhea, the body may also be dehydrated or deficient in minerals. Until there is weakness and fainting or cramping as well. Wait for the sickness to heal first, then exercise, it's not too late. 4. Do not let the body become dehydrated. drinking water during the day Usually, we should drink enough 8-10 glasses a day, especially if any young woman who has to exercise, the more will need to drink enough water. especially those who do hot yoga The body needs more water ever. Maybe take a break and sip some water from time to time. to prevent shock from dehydration itself 5. Exercise appropriate to age and physical condition. Fat girls who want to lose weight quickly, may turn to weight loss exercises, but don't forget to choose a weight loss exercise style that suits your physical condition and age as well. who are tall or obese Or an elderly person may start out with a walk. or alternate walking with some brisk walking As for the working people, they may trot, etc. It's not difficult at all, right? It's important to know about proper exercise, especially for girls nowadays who love exercise to lose weight must pay attention to follow this The more effective your exercise will be. It does not cause injuries as well. Source:: [url=]joker slot[/url]
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No new posts 5 great benefits that motivate you to wake up early every day
[img][/img] Most city life, not to mention that they have to wake up early to rush to work until it's normal. But waking up early like this often has a negative effect on the body and mind. The hustle and bustle of life causing many people to miss out on great opportunities That happened in the early morning unfortunately. Even on vacation, no one would want to wake up early in the morning to get fresh air into their lungs. Lying under blankets and soft beds It's probably the joy of life on vacation. But if anyone has tried to see the benefits of waking up early we would like to mention the following. Maybe change their minds to make everyone want to change themselves to become the person who wakes up every morning can be more cheerful, it is possible 1. Waking up early will increase your vitality. We will notice that people who wake up early. will live a life full of happiness, cheerfulness, full of brightness all day long Which to wake up in the morning like this must be waking up both physically and mentally, not being forced up by gloomy emotions People who wake up like this are less likely to develop depression. It also does not result in the body sleeping for too long. Reduce fatigue sleepiness Full of energy, ready to start the day effectively. 2. Improve working efficiency Waking up early gives us time to do activities. more each day especially among students who wake up early We found that these children had higher learning abilities. Have an excellent grade can remember things around precisely Because the brain system is fully rested. But don't forget to go to bed at the right time. Therefore, waking up in the morning like this creates a good brain performance. 3. Wake up the body by itself without the need for an alarm clock. The advantages of waking up early It is to help us not to be late for work or miss important appointments until the loss of work. Constantly waking up early by going to bed too late It will help the body get used to it and can automatically wake up. Let us not be annoyed by the sound of an alarm clock. until he had to reach out and close it and fell asleep until it was too late 4. Help to promote more positive thinking Waking up early will help us have a clear brain. full of happiness more than any other emotion That will be an important helper for us to look at the world in a new perspective, helping to turn a negative attitude into a positive one. so that we can learn the lifestyle in the morning that will be full of smiles of the same people. We will be firm able to work efficiently Keep everything smooth and good. come in all day Recommended Source: [url=]joker slot[/url]
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No new posts Why do women gain weight during menstruation?
This phenomenon does not happen to you alone. Some women may gain up to 2 kg or more during their menstrual periods. The point is, no one really knows the exact cause of premenstrual symptoms. However, this is because bloating and changing moods are too difficult for researchers to prove. So we have to rely on the symptom diary. But that doesn't mean there's no theory to support it. In fact, there are five factors that cause women to gain weight during menstruation. female sex hormone estrogen The female hormone estrogen is highest in the latter part of your menstrual cycle, which is before your period. And this high estrogen level will indirectly cause the body to retain fluid until you feel bloated and possibly even more edema. The good news is that estrogen levels will drop with your period. So you'll feel relaxed before having a severe stomach ache. progesterone hormone Another hormone that plays a role is progesterone, which increases during the second half of the menstrual cycle leading to fluid retention, breast pain, and sometimes edema. Some women may notice that their breasts are fully enlarged! This is because progesterone stimulates the body to draw fluid from the veins into the tissues in preparation for future pregnancy. If there is no pregnancy The level of progesterone will drop and the body will return to normal. Want something sweet or salty? During your menstrual period, you don't feel like broccoli, but sweet or salty foods. But eating salty potato chips or carbohydrates like candy or donuts will increase your fluid retention. Happy reading! Information from:: [url=]joker gaming[/url]
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No new posts How is food poisoning treated?
Food poisoning is usually treated at home and most cases resolve within 3 to 5 days. need to drink enough water A high-electrolyte athlete drink is beneficial. Fruit juices and coconut water can restore carbohydrates and help reduce fatigue. Avoid caffeine, which can irritate the digestive system. Caffeinated teas with soothing herbs such as chamomile, sage, may make your stomach feel better. Over-the-counter medications such as Imodium and Pepto-Bismol can help control diarrhea and quell nausea. However, it is best to check with your doctor before taking these medications while the body is vomiting and having diarrhea to rid the system of toxins. In addition, the use of these drugs may mask the severity of the illness and delay the search for specialist treatment. It is also important for people with food poisoning to get adequate rest. In severe cases of food poisoning, additional hydration with intravenous (IV) fluids may be needed at the hospital. In the most severe cases of food poisoning, longer hospital stays may be required until the patient returns to normal. for the diagnosis of food poisoning Your doctor may be able to diagnose the type of food poisoning based on your symptoms. in severe cases Blood tests, stool tests, and food tests may be performed to determine what may be the cause of food poisoning. A doctor may also use a urine test to assess whether a person is dehydrated due to food poisoning as well. Pathogens can be found in almost all foods that humans eat. However, the heat from cooking tends to kill germs on food before it reaches our eating. Food eaten raw is a source of food poisoning because it has not undergone the process of cooking, so if you want to avoid this disease, you should focus on cooked food only. Blogger: [url=]joker slot[/url]
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No new posts 2 ways to help you fall asleep faster, fall asleep in 3 minutes
Do your friends have trouble sleeping? [b][url=]joker slot[/url][/b] tell my friends I certainly do not face this problem alone. Because nowadays there are more people who are experiencing sleep problems. from nutrition and lifestyle How to fight insomnia Tell about the problems that follow after not getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to obesity. cause cerebrovascular slows down the learning process make the body weak Sleep deprivation prevents the body from growing. especially in children cause psychotic symptoms If your friends have tried many things to make it easier to fall asleep, but it still doesn't work. Let's see. The method he brought together in this article will work or not? Let's try it! 4-7-8 breathing method when combining the power of meditation This breathing method is more effective with practice. to prepare the tip of the tongue and the back of the mouth behind the front teeth Keep your tongue there at all times. Keep your lips slightly apart and make a whistling sound as you exhale through your mouth. Then close your lips and quietly inhale through your nose, counting to 4 in your mind. Then hold your breath for 7 seconds. After that, exhale for 8 seconds. Avoid getting too awake at the end of each round. Try not to focus too much on training. Do this for a total of 4 rounds, letting your body sleep. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) Progressive muscle relaxation Progressive muscle relaxation, also known as deep muscle relaxation, helps to relax. The principle is to strain – but not strain – your muscles and relax them to release tension. This movement promotes peace throughout the body. It is a recommended tip to help reduce insomnia. Before you begin, try the 4-7-8 method while imagining the tension leaving your body as you exhale. relax Raise your eyebrows as high as you can for 5 seconds. This will tighten your forehead muscles. Relax your muscles immediately and feel the tension drop. Wait 10 seconds. Smile wide to create tension in your cheeks. Hold for 5 seconds. Relax. Pause 10 seconds Squint your eyes, hold for 5 seconds, relax. Pause 10 seconds Tilt your head slightly back to comfortably look at the ceiling. Hold for 5 seconds. Relax as your neck sinks into the pillow. Pause 10 seconds Move the rest of your body from your triceps to your chest, thighs to your feet. Let yourself fall asleep even if it's not tense and relax the rest of your body. When doing this, focus on the relaxed, heavy feeling of your body when you are relaxed and in a comfortable state.
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No new posts I'm afraid of making a mistake that I can't do anything. What should I do?
Have you ever been tasked with doing something you've never done before? And then feel afraid that I can't do it. or time to make important decisions You will hesitate and fear that if you make the wrong decision. Life must come to an end so you don't dare leave your comfort zone or familiar place. where you feel comfortable physically and mentally Because you will have an idea of ​​what to risk it for. when it was already good If ever, come to solve your concerns about the cause of your fear and change this thought at the same time. What exactly is the Comfort Zone? Comfort Zone is a safe area. Or where you feel comfortable, don't worry too much. whether it's about work or life It's something you are good at or familiar with. Maybe he's even proficient with his eyes closed. You don't have to do anything more, just keep doing the same thing and you'll get what you've always had and satisfied with. Fear Zone makes it difficult to change. When you're afraid to do something and claim that you can't do it, never did it, or don't know it, perhaps the reason is because you're afraid you won't succeed. Afraid that everything he had built would collapse. Or fear that you will lose what was in your current Comfort Zone, and if the reason is the fear that has been told That means you're in the Fear Zone, or the point where future mistakes will happen. Recommended Source: [url=]ทางเข้าslotxo joker[/url]
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No new posts Change your thoughts on your surroundings alleviate suffering
When we are unhappy, we are suffering. When we are sad, sad, angry, we are suffering. We believe that everyone does not want to suffer. Some people suffer until they become discouraged. until wanting to step back and escape the problem Or some people decide to escape problems that cause suffering by the wrong way. We want to tell everyone in spite of suffering. or no suffering that in order to deal with various feelings, we must first get to know what will interfere with happiness That is, getting to know different attitudes. that makes us suffer Last Post:: [url=]joker slot[/url] Of course, suffering is a common part of the world that no one can escape. But we can avoid it. and able to live happily We just have to get to know a difficult friend who is called "suffering" first. So what causes suffering? This question sounds a bit dharma. But in reality, it's just a common question in our lives. A question that everyone can easily find an answer, not difficult, just by observing around you. What will determine whether you will suffer? or happiness is yourself only yourself All suffering arises from oneself. It depends on how you choose to see or perceive things. What kind of attitude do you surround yourself with? will collect things all causing suffering or choose to look at things in the sense that makes one's own happiness It all depends on your worldview. So what attitudes cause suffering? negative world view Negative feelings, negativity, and all the things that make up the word “no” are the main components of what causes suffering. But anything can cause suffering. If you're not in a hurry to change your perspective and attitude about things around you, it's jealousy when you see other coworkers get compliments from your boss. Or are you upset about why your boss doesn't appreciate you? cause suffering
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No new posts Developers get ready, Google Play may rule.
[img][/img] For developers, remember that Apple issued a rule that changed the App Store completely: announcing the issue of informing users of what apps store information. Recently, Google seems to be fine with this. Making Google itself begin to soil about measures in which Apps within the Google Play Store must be told to store information such as Security encryption, storage method, manual deletion of user data. and including child and family policies, etc. [img][/img] With Google pre-announcements and preparations, what it will say will all begin to emerge in Q3 of 2021 and start receiving developer data in Q4 of 2021. Users will begin to see it within the first quarter of 2021. It's 2022, but the lead time for entering this data is the second quarter of 2022. While it doesn't directly affect the user, it's good to know what data the apps you download and use. To ensure maximum security and know before you can be deceived. Although there may be a page asking to press a lot Credits:: [url=]joker slot[/url]
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