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New PostErstellt: 16.06.09, 14:20     Betreff: Re: Fanfiction-Verbote - nachvollziehbar?

ALPINA Erwachsene Skihelm Grap, Blac...
Sehe ich in vielen Aspekten genauso, vor allem hinsichtlich Anne Rice, bei der hat man wirklich oftmals das Gefühl, dass sie hochgradig von sich selbst eingenommen ist.

Die anderen Autoren auf dser Liste kenne ich größtenteils nicht wirklich.
Ein weiteres Beispiel wäre allerdings Lynn Flewlling, die mir persönlich immer sehr sympathisch rüberkommt, aber sie steht Fanfiction eherr kritisch gegenüber, dazu hab ich auch einen Recht langen Ausschnitt eines Interviews entdeckt:

You’ve really close contact to your fans through to your website, your livejournal and your yahoo-group. So I guess you really like that experience. But did you have some unpleasent experiences therefore as well?

I love being in touch with my readers! I’m a social person, and having contact with so many people around the world is great. Often we chat about things completely apart >from my work, and that’s nice, too. They also send me lots of fan art, which is really fun. I have an art gallery on my website.

The only bad experience I’ve had so far was in one newsgroup devoted to my work. That was about the time that the first fan fictions based on my work came out. At that time it was quite unusual for books to be used. My agent and editor had not been faced with that before, and weren’t quite sure what to make of it.

I had never heard of fan fiction at that point, much less slash or yaoi, and wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it, either. But then several other authors advised me to not allow it and then my publisher told me that Bantam’s lawyers believed that if I gave permission for fan fiction, I could lose my copyright to my own characters and world! Since that is my livelihood and my passion, it was a very scary thought! So at that point I was very anti-fan fiction, and that’s the reason why.

But it was also very weird seeing my characters doing and saying things under someone else’s direction. A lot of it was slash (although the thought of “slashing” Alec and Seregil is pretty funny, not to mention redundant), and a lot of it was poorly written. My biggest fear was that someone–especially younger people, or librarians thinking of buying my books–would go searching for my work and find that instead.

Anyway, this particular newsgroup was full of fan fiction writers, and we got into a bit of an argument, in which they basically said that not only could they could do anything they wanted with my people and there wasn’t much I could do about it, but that I also was a bad, selfish person for not letting them. Needless to say, I went away from there with a bad taste in my mouth.

At this point, I just tell people that it’s a legal problem for me and leave it at that. What I don’t see is not my problem.

Scheint aber, als hätte sie sich damit mehr oder minder arrangiert.

Ich denke übrigens auch, dass ein nicht geringer Teil des Hypes von HP auf den FF-Boom zurückzuführen ist. Bei J.K. Rowling habe ich auch oft das Gefühl bei ihren Aussagen, dass sie das Ganze noch mit Absicht fördert.


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