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New PostErstellt: 03.09.19, 18:11     Betreff: Re: CHANGE FOOTBALL RULES AND THEIR IMPACT ON RATES Antwort mit Zitat  

Bravo the Hits 2013
    Zitat: lika
    Each sport is subject to some changes before the start of the new season. Organizations that regulate sports rules hold meetings at which important changes in the rules are discussed and adopted.

    Fans and football players usually don't like innovations, but over time they take root. Once football was played without corner kicks, penalties and numbers on t-shirts – those attributes without which it is impossible to imagine the current game.

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    How often do changes occur?
    Only in 2016, the international Council of football associations, which is responsible for the introduction and implementation of football rules, has significantly changed the most popular sports game. In particular, the judges were allowed to remove players before the game, and the starting draw of the ball can now be done in any direction. In total, several dozen changes were made, which affected various aspects of the game.

    Now let's see how the changes in football rules have affected the results in the English Premier League. Since the 2016-17 season, the referees began to react more strictly to the detention of the opponent in the penalty area, regardless of when it happened (with an angular, free kick or in the game moment).

    After 240 games of the Premier League, the referees handed out 920 yellow cards and 26 red cards. In an average game gets 3.83 yellow cards and 0.11 red cards. If we compare with the results of the last three seasons, the average number of red cards even decreased (0.11 against 0.16), but the average number of yellow cards increased significantly (from 3.37 to 3.83). Changes in football rules in recent years lead to the fact that the referees give more yellow cards. The apparent decrease in the average number of red cards is explained by the fact that the rule of triple punishment was abolished in the Premier League. Previously, if a player prevented another player from scoring a goal, he was removed for this, disqualified for 3 games and the team was also punished with a penalty. Now, in case of unintentional acceptance of the goal, the player receives only a yellow card, but the penalty rule remains in force. As you know, in such cases, the referees will show a yellow card instead of a red one, which will reduce the total number of red cards.

    Also this season significantly increased the number of penalties for detention in the penalty area. This affected the overall level of the penalty. If in the last three seasons the penalty was appointed only in 19% of games, this season the referee points to a point in 27% of games. The increase in the number of penalties by almost 50% was difficult to predict for both bookmakers and players, but the fact that their number will increase could be expected.

    As you can see, changing the rules in football significantly affects the statistics of games. Before the start of the season, try to pay attention not only to the analysis of transfer transitions and team rearrangements, but also to changes in the football rules of the tournament. If you have insight, you can predict any team-wide trends in the League associated with changes in football rules.
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