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Hardest champions league of legends

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Hardest champions league of legends
History of the League of Legends rank system.
Incredibly, but a fact: after the release of League of Legends, it did not have the usual ranking system. The only thing that somehow reflected your level of play was a single rating, or as it is also called – MMR (Match Making Rating). It was expressed in one number, and whoever has more of it is, respectively, the best player.
There was a similar ranking system in other competitive games, for example, in Starcraft: Brood War, however, it cannot be called perfect. How big is the difference between a player with 1000 and 1200 MMR? And between 1000 and 1500? What should be the spread within the team so that it turns out to be more or less balanced? How many points are given for a win and removed for a defeat? It is difficult, incomprehensible, and most importantly - archaic. And in the third season, Riot Games changes its ranking system forever.
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The leagues familiar to us appear – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and the League of Contenders. Each of the leagues, except the last one, consists of five divisions (the Applicants have only one division), where the first is the strongest, and the fifth is weaker than the others. So everything became much clearer: if one player has the rank of Silver II, and the other has Silver III, then the first still plays better than the second, but the difference in skill between them is small, and they may well play on the same team. But taking Platinum I and Bronze IV in the duo is a so-so idea.
Wait, what about the Iron? Where are the Master and the Grandmaster? These leagues appeared later. First, in the fourth season, the Master was introduced as an intermediate between the Diamond and the Challenger, then, when there were even more players, and it was more difficult for them to fit within the existing leagues, there was Iron for the most inexperienced players and a Grandmaster for those who are already cramped in the Master, but they still do not reach the Challenger. And the number of divisions was reduced to four.
It is worth saying that MMR has not disappeared from the game, it just now performs the functions of a hidden rating. It is on him that the game focuses in qualifying matches, and also he determines how quickly you rise in the ranking or vice versa, fall to the bottom.

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