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New PostCreated: 2007-02-12, 06:01 PM CET  Subject:  Unsoldering  print  print thread  recommend Reply with Quotation  

Severin AT 2509 Automatik-Toaster
Damn. Why didn´t this came to my mind before????

You have an old pcb of a mobile phone with some desireable parts.
With the help of a hot air blower it´s very easy to remove them without destroying. Just heat the pcb from downside (!) while grabbing the part with a gripper.

Some tips:
-Do this outside. Perhaps unhealthy smells...
-Test the procedure with some not so precious parts first
-Remove all parts of the pcb´s downside which are not important for you and that might disturb airflow.

Look at the leads. All the parts are ok!
So this expands possibilities...

Two special parts of interest: The well known PF08103A dual band amplifier from Hitachi/Renesas (at the photo a little dark)
and the "921-1840" (it´s from an old Alcatel HE1 phone) vco from TDK (http://tdk-ninebig.com.tw/) . It really seems to be a dual band vco
Look at the offered parts at http://www.rfcandy.com/ and compare!
(Ok, i own some QVC12 anyway ).


"Ich liebe es, wenn ein (Schalt-)Plan funktioniert."

[edited: 2007-02-12, 08:35 PM CET by richy_64]
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New PostCreated: 2007-02-19, 11:40 PM CET  Subject: Re: Unsoldering  print  recommend Reply with Quotation  

Hi Richard

great idea....

thanks for this topic


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