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New PostErstellt: 09.12.09, 08:07     Betreff: Re: Auf dem verschneiten (verschenkten) Berg

Automatic translation by Google

1. Training level:

From the left here on the springboard run and jump press, then jump on the block and to the wall edge, an edge higher jump, sprint further up, then on the springboard and jump Savegame 0 press =. Now further and behind pull the lever...

2. On the given away mountain:

Savegame 1 = level beginning

Tip: there are two Secrets if one finds them, one comes at the end automatically to the bonus level = Savegame 5.

Tip No. 2: one must not necessarily keep to the order which I suggest here.

Down go to the hall and on the right behind in the side walk from the box get the crank. Then out go outside. In the other house on the right jump up and from the block with the signs to the Jumpswitch jump. Next door Secret 1 = silver shield get. Now again up, and now one must push the knight, namely over the marked places which one sees in the ceiling. First forwards push to the block, then push from the block to the wall, then push / drawing further (this is difficult a little bit, thus try, until it works) to the knight on the block with the signs stands, there one pushes him down, so that he breaks, and one can take the green key.

In the main building below in the space with the big tables in the corner go down to the cellar and to the devil. Then push the block on the field where 13 stands. Now on top the levers 5 and 8 (=13) move, the block lifts. Then push the block to 10, and the levers 2 and 8 press down>>> the block is on top. Then push the block so down that he falls on the other block, then one can jump from this block with a "circled" approach in the entrance. There further and the lever the spirals = pull>>> springboards are activated.

Springboard (spiral) inside: so above the springboard run and jump that Lara lands on top in the way. Pull there on the left the lever (the door opens besides), then further about the bridge in the other house. On the left up in the reflecting hall. In the mirror one sees where one must go there. Thus to the wall gap jump and in the entrance work the way along. with approach and stick on the column jump and the drink course take and in the inventory look, there the instructions are for the drink.

Springboards outdoors: to the Jumpswitch jump (about the spiral)>>> a wine cask on top opens, get there good wine. Then in the spiral in the other direction on the roof jump (perhaps, with sprint) and devil's present Savegame 2 get =. Then go to the green spiral.

Devil's present in the cellar in the devil use, further, in the well use the crank and take bag with frozen water. Again go up.

Importantly: as said one can also keep to another order!

In the main building in the direction of level beginning go, and use the green key, there about the new block and the lever without number move>>> now the passageway is free to the connecting bridge to house 2.

The levers 11 and 2 pull = 13. Now on the hanging bridge about the water washbasin jump, to block 13 jump and get the blue key. Again down and these in the other house insert and take the silver ball.

Again in the main house, up on the connecting bridge (either about the spiral or the way with the levers) and to the right in the room. There in the corner take a wooden torch, these light next door in the kettle, light again back at the level beginning and the candle. Take next door the valuable ring.

Now one can brew the magic drink:

In the main house below in the next room in the fire kettle use the bag with frozen water and take the bag with water. Now up on the connecting bridge and in the other house. Use on the right further in the hall and in the fire kettle the bag with water.

Importantly: now immediately to the barrel in the corner go, and take the red key!

Then in the fire kettle still use the wine and the ring, then Savegame 3 take = the green drink.

Now go to the reflecting hall, again up where the drink course on the column lay, and use the green drink. This is difficult a little bit, until one finds there the right place, thus so long try, until it works. Now appears a block, this down push, push to the left to the wall, and up climb to the golden key.

Now again in the first house, on top the levers 5 and 11 move, and the golden key in the block 16 insert >>> below one can take the golden ball.

If one now below in the side walkway two balls uses >>> end

If one before still on block 7 the red key uses = Savegame 4, and Secret 2 gets = the golden shield, has thus both Secrets (signs), one comes after him start of two balls in this

Bonus level

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