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Hier geht es zu den Lösungen auf meiner Homepage "Tomb Raider (nicht nur) für Dummies".
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New PostErstellt: 05.02.11, 08:54     Betreff: Re: One Way Ticket

Justeel Herren Legierung Echt Leder ...

Important information for english users to download savegames: There are two links: "anzeigen" and "speichern". "anzeigen" means "show" which is only useful for pictures or text, and "speichern" means "download" or "save". You don't have to be a member or register.

"Dateianlagen" means "attachment".


Automatic Translation by Google!


To the back go, and to the right to the yellow labyrinth. The lever pull, and go to the other labyrinth. The Blue Key get, and there is in two labyrinths Secret 1 and 2. Back go at the beginning, and in the other corridor. Further go and Blue Key use, the lever pull, and go to the room with the panther. One must shoot the panther with the Shotgun, I have not found it, however. Here is Savegame 0 with the Shotgun. In the column in the opening climb, and get the gate Key. Then go back in the room with 6 blocks, and in the room with the water. The underwater grid with the Shotgun shoot, besides, one must look down. There further dive, and in the pool get the Rusty Key. There further dive, and again go back at the beginning. 

 To the back go, to the right to the yellow labyrinth, and use the gate Key. Further go and open floor hatch, and down go. At the scarecrow there lies the lasersight. Further go, and up to the room with the panther. On top one can get Secret 3. Then go on, and work the way along in the ceiling further. On and on up to the end, the lever pull, jump there to the opening, and further go to the revolver on the column.

Go to the other labyrinth and Rusty Key use, and further go. On the right is in a house Secret 4. In the next house is star Key. The key on top in the door use. There go on, and at the end with revolver and laser shoot at the bell. Secret 5 get, the lever pull, go back, by the new door, and at the end take the Screwdriver. With that near the TRUCK open the door, go on, down, and get the Relic Key. The Jumpswitch pull, again go out, up, and pull the lever at the entrance. By the new door go back in the known area, to the right, and use the Relic Key. The Dragon Key get, go back in the area with the TRUCK, and use the Dragon Key below in the corpse...

Alle Lösungen - all walkthroughs: http://www.laraweb.de/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=72

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