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New PostErstellt: 13.08.11, 09:15     Betreff: Re: The Jerusalem Project (german/english)

Important information for english users to download savegames: There are two links: "anzeigen" and "speichern". "anzeigen" means "show" which is only useful for pictures or text, and "speichern" means "download" or "save". You don't have to be a member or register.

"Dateianlagen" means "attachment".

The downloadable savegames are a little bit above, at the end of the german walkthrough! Klick on "speichern"!


Automatic Translation by Google!


1. Al Kashkar: (3 Secrets) 

Go upstairs and open the right door. At the small gray cabinet take the pen, and at the desk use. Then open on the other side of this floor the door, and take Secret 1 = Koran. Now go out into the open area and left open the grid door with the lever. Flowery Star take and use at the other door. The next door opened by hand, and push the column from the right. Then there take the Star Progenitors. Hanging on the edge, and let down into the lake. 

Jump into the cave, jump right to the slope, hand over to the left, pull up, and jump back. Jump to the next cave, and pull up on the green sea flower. Jump over the blocks up and shoot the rock at the disc. Into the next cave dive, and turn the two stars. Next cave dive and get to the right ornated star. Get Secret 2 on the left side, and dive back. Jump back up on the blocks and go into the new hall. Ornated Star use, and go on.

Go to the deep cave and slide down, or let go. The moose can not be beat, but quickly get the Shrine Key 1, and climb up the ladder, and climb around the corner. A running jump over the bar further and further to jump over the bars and climb until Lara can swing to the edge of the column. Around the corner climb and crawl through the gap. Climb the ladder and jump off. Secret 3 pick, then jump back on the ladder and climb around the corner and jump with role (R) to the walls crack. Move to your left and jump back out and go to the big ravine to the lake. 

Savegame 0

Jump with a 'banana jump' to the pole and swing across the ropes to the left to the cave. 

Savegame 1

Go further and use the Star Progenitors. The Shrine Key 2 get out of the coffin, and go further, and press the switch on the wall. Go up in the church, but here you can do nothing. So back again and let down, and go back into the cave with the lake. Jump back up on the blocks, go further and use the two keys. Magic Thread behind use, and on to the helicopter go down by the lake ... 

Note: you can in the church in the other secondary room the brown lattice kick/break, and again go outside to the beginning. In the room before the ravine one can on the right of also a lattice break, the lever pull, and into the well to jump, whereby one comes into the lake in the cave.

2. Jerusalem - Old City 2011 (1 secret) 

Save Game 2 = Level beginning 

Right, climb down and pick up the shotgun. Go back, and travel clothesline down - cable car - zipline. 

Secret 4: Take the cable car not up to the end, but let down to the large roof, and grab the edge. Hand over to the left, and jump onto the balcony with a role.

Climb down and go to the house with the other shooters. Pull up there on the roof, kill the shooter, and take his Flat Key. Again go down and shoot in the shelf at the other house all things inside it. This duck and jump. Then you can pull the shelf, and take the bottle of kosher wine

Now go into the passageway between the houses go up the stairs, across the bridge and use the Flat Key. Right to open the door, shoot everything on the shelf, pull the shelf and take the revolver. Go back, press the button to the right and shoot the window, and jump while holding down the action key. Next go to the pool, and open the floor hatch. Go down into the canal, right by the crawlspace, and save your game!

Turn the wheel, and crawl out again quick! Up in the pool diving and the underwater lever pull, and take a Piece of Paper and Blue Energy Crystal. Go back on the street. At Keb-up house you can jump over the two canopies (roofs) on the balcony. Then jump onto the next roof, jump right to the pole, and steer to the left on the balcony. Shoot the window, and take the laser sight. Then you can take the Holy Sepulchre Gate Key. Now go back on the road. Climb up the scaffolding on the house, and then jump on and on to the switch at the door. Go in, and in the bathroom. Then go into the next room and take the Church of the Holy Sepulchre Key. Go back down to the street, and there go through the dark passage, and use the Church of the Holy Sepulchre Key ... 

3. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre (1 secret)

Savegame 3 = Levelbeginning

Note: There are two corridors leading to the cellar, and both are protected by a boulder, but depending on how you do the things there, one of them will be closed. And of course you need only one corridor.

Go right into the passage to the end and the block pull it out. Then go back to church, jump over the railing and go into the new corridor. Diary entry: Station 2, Chapel of Adam. In the church go back and up the stairs, and use the Holy Sepulchre Gate Key. Climb up, and with the revolver plus a laser on the glass box on the ceiling to shoot, so that a rope will appear. Jump to the rope and swing to the other side of this block. Jump to the window and shoot the window. There, go further and pull the jump switch. Then save! Jump again pull the switch, sprint to the ladder and climb up quickly. 

Secret 5: a torch light, then you see a floating platform above the chapel. Jump to this platform and jump on the dome of the chapel. The Christian Cross take, and jump back into the hall with the altar.

Go back to the altar and on the left and right shoot the pictures. Diary entry: Station 9, Catholicon. To the right of this hall drag the block to the railing, climb the block and jump over the railing. With the revolver plus laser to shoot the brown railing, and jump over there. Pull the floor lever, a picture on the wall opens. Diary entry: Station 8, Greek Calvary. Then push the block to the railing and jump back, to Catholicon. A wooden torch take, go down the stairs and light the torch at the candlestick. Go up again, and light the golden pitcher near the torches. This opens a door in the corner. There, go on, and pull the bell rope, at bottom a helper comes that opens a door. Again go back to the hall and down the stairs. Press the button  and go to the right and press the switch. Thus there appears a rope. Jump to the rope and swing to the other side. Pull the floor lever, thereby to open a grid. Press the button, and climb down. Go there in the new room and move the left cabinet. Diary entry: Station 5, Latin Calvary. 

Go down to the helper. Take Code orders, and view. There is also a new diary entry. In the code order is the order for the station numbers. The locations of the numbers are on the map. Then go down the hallway that leads to the basement.

Important: there are two corridors to the basement! One of them is probably closed, so one must take the other! The last door in the basement, before the pad Room Key, opens only when you have all four diary entries with the numbers! 

Get in the basement  the pad room key, you must shoot down the grid. Go back up, and insert the key into the room that has opened the helper. The code 5982 and > enter and climb down into the basement. Now we must move the green figures:

1st The green figure in the center must move between the two red figures. 

2nd The green figure in the corner you have to move to the center wall field. 

3rd The green figure on the middle on the wall you have to move to the middle. 

Now you can take Piece of Paper 2 and Yellow Crystal Energy. Climb back up, and walk out of church ...

4. The Wailing Wall (2 Secrets that you get only after the time travel) 

Savegame 4 = start

Next go to the Wailing Wall level. You can also go in the level: 

5. Yad Vashem (1 secret) 

So go into the entrance 'memorial' down. Right in the first room Bunch of White Roses get and move on. The roses used in the next hall. In the last room Secret 6 = Torah get, and go out again ... 

4. The Wailing Wall 

Get behind the big ramp handle, then combine at the Wailing Wall on the right chair, the two piece of paper and use. Now walk up the large ramp. In the next room pull up the overturned vase, then pull the lever, and push the other vase on the new block. Pull the lever again and push the vase to the next window. Then the third vase in the last window push. In the new room the table pull, and open the floor hatch. Pull the lever and get Purple Crystal Energy. Then go up and to the ramp ... 

1. Al Kashkar: 

Turn around, and the three crystals use ... 

6. Jerusalem - Old City, 70 AD (6 Secrets) 

Savegame 5 = Start

In one corner is the Bag of sand. On a market table is Carrot. Then pull up on the house at the start, and jump across the roofs and walls continue. On a small balcony Secret is 1 / 6. Further back in the sand Secret 2 / 6 = Magic Lamp. Then go back and in the other area. Right to climb the blocks, and Rules take. Right you can climb up at the green branches, and left on the roof. There, go into the corner, and pull the lever. Jump on the new platform in the entrance, and pull the lever. Then go back to the beginning, and the big staircase to another area. Back in the niche pull the lever, and climb up on the new block. Next open onto the balcony and the door. Get Bronze ball and go back down. The wide staircase going down, and use the bronze ball. Inside there is on the top in the crawlspace Secret 3 / 6. Go in the pool, and take Water Pail

Go to the floor-lever of the slide-puzzle. Pull the lever and quickly run to the nearest entrance of the field. Jump right to the two arrows pointing to the right and jump over the next arrow, so that Lara lands on the arrow to the outside, and she to the wall slides. This lowers the wall there. Here soon on a new slot save. Then turn around and jump right on the arrow pointing outwards, so that lowers the next block. From here, jump on the two arrows pointing to the block in the middle, and jump onto the block in the middle. Bag of sand quickly apply here, then Herod's temple will open. 

Savegame 6 

Slide over the three arrows to the outside, go left, right and pick up in the niche Secret 4 / 6. Then go up the big stairs, and jump into the entrance over the pool where you can get Secret 5 / 6

Important: you can now do it differently next, but I'm in:

7. Herod's Temple (1 secret) 

Go down to the left, right and press the switch. The Lute pick, then go back, and to the cages. In the tiger cage to run, and go into the water. Here Lara is safe. Pull up on the low platform, and jump on to the jump switch. Then go on to the horse. Pull the lever and quickly climb on the horse, therefore you need to use the Carrot. Ride out, down to the left, and ride up the slope. You can ride over the guards to remove them. With a jump to the left you can descend. Next go right and push the block into the wall. With the help of the block you can pull the two jump switch. Then jump up and climb to the new block, and jump with a banana-jump to the slanted block. Grab and pull up. To the window jump, to the ladder and climb up. Jump on the wall down and press the switch. Go on, and press the switch. Let down, and Chicken Egg pick. Then go up the stairs, and jump to the lever. Pull the lever and wait until all the tigers are inside. Then pull the lever again so that they are imprisoned. Jump back up to the exit, and go in the other tower down onto the road. 

Right pull the jump-switch, and go on. Just to the right in the niche press the switch. The low brown block under the scaffold pull, where is the meat. Then climb onto the block and jump up. This gives the Meat to Lara. Go back to the cart/car. You can push the cart like a block. Under the car is the Cage Key. Now ride back to the tiger cage, and use the Cage Key. The bull has to be attract to the door at the spikes, so that he opens it. Then pull up on the roof, and jump to jump switch. Go into the next stall, and jump up on the slopes. Jump to the next chicken, and use the Chicken Egg. This gives the Griffin Egg. Back riding, and then go up to the eagle again. Use the Griffin Egg, and take a wooden torch. Go with the torch down, and pass the torch on the road, so you can find it again. 

Back to bull riding, the bull must now push the big button on the door. Then you can go further there. Right the first lever pull, and place the Meat in the bowl of the lion. Then you can take the Ruby. In the next cage you can imprison the bull. At the end press the button to go further and use to the right the Ruby. Go back to the pool and the four time-lever pull:

Short side, rear. Role do 
Short side, front. Where are the cages.
Long side, towards the temple. 
Long side, at the door. 

If you're fast enough, a guard comes and lights the wall-torch. Now get the wooden torch, light it at the pool. Then light the two fire shells at the gate, and walk in the room that you opened with the Ruby. There, light the bowl, and take the Courtyard Key. This use at the gate. Here you have so far left as possible to crawl along the wall until you come into a room where you can pull up on the small slope to the wall. Go on the wall further, and ringing the gong. Then go down to the church. Right to go further, and climb the ladder at the back. Let go and quickly grab again, so that Lara is hanging on the edge, and quickly shimmy to the right around the corner,and pull up. Jump outside to the hallway on the wall, and pull the switch. Note: here you have to go back again later. 

Then climb back up into the alcove and jump to the top of the column. Jump over the ramp to the next ladder, jump up on the incline, and grab on to the next column. Pulling up, and to the entrance slide. Go on, pull up in the niche, jump to the gap, shimmy around the corners, and jump off. Now you have to jump to the right to the crawlspace, where you see the lever. There pull the lever and jump to the pillar outside at the church. Here you have to run-jump to the entrance in the church. 

Savegame 7 

Then jump up again, further to the monkey-swing-ceiling, and shimmy to the lever. Pull the lever, and shimmy to the entrance in the corner. Holiest of Holies Key 1 pick, go back down and go outside to the front of the church. Let down to the ground and climb the long ladder. At the top shimmy to the left around every corner, Lara can pick up the column key. Climb back again, and jump on the middle of the ladder to the block with the keyhole. Insert the Key Column. Then jump back to the long ladder, climb up and jump off. Jump on the upper part of the long ladder, and jump off and get Secret 1. Climb back down to the ground and climb back on the short ladder. Now you have to jump back to the outside on the wall to the hallway with the fire shells. In the corridor one can only jump over the raised areas, then you can go out of the door at the backside. 

Climb the ladder, and then jump to the switch, where previously was the spikes. Holiest of Holies Key 2 pick, press the switch and jump out. Let down, and take the Stone, which now lies in front of the church. This stone on the gray stones use on the floor, standing near where the guards are. Then you can use the two Holiest Keys. Go to church and get the Silver Ball. Here one must also use a bread, so we go back again ... 

6. Jerusalem - Old City, 70 AD Part 1

Pull up on the house at the beginning, jump on, and on the bridge in the corner, at the big houses. Jump to the next house, and pull the timed lever. Then pull the lever again, and quickly jump on the timed platform, and on. Take the trap door key and climb up at the green area of the wall to the bridge. Jump right to the roof, and on to the lever. This is the third lever for the Secret, and if you pulled the other two, is now opening the red grid. Jump back to the first bridge, continue on to the roof near the Secret, and climb on the climbing wall for Secret 6 / 6. Then go back down to the road. In the entrance pull the lever, and use the trapdoor key. Climb up, get the Mystery Key, go out and use it in the according house. Go in, open the floor trap door and go down to the vase puzzle. One must push the four vases onto the special tiles, then in the middle appears the Silver Hemisphere 1. How I did it exactly, I do not know, but it worked the first try, so it can not be that difficult.  Then go back up, and now you can solve the fire puzzle. It must burn all the shells. If you go to a bowl, all the shells, which are right next to it, either switched off or on, so switched the other state. I had managed it to try about five minutes. 

Savegame 8 

Then take Silver Hemisphere 2, and go to the door with two hands. The hemispheres combine, and use the two silver balls ... 

8. Jerusalem - Old City, 70 AD Part 2

Go to the Templeyard with the pool. Go backwards up into the upper floor, and push the two blue vases on the marked spots. Then you can pull the lever in the other room, which lowers a block. There, take a wooden torch and light it near the blue vase. Then you can in the fireplace (where the fire was) get Map Part 2. The fire spirits can be eliminated in the pool. Then burn in the ground floor in the next room, the three bowls, and pick Map Part 1. These two must be combined to Riddle map, and use at the podium at the lever blocks. Now you can  pull the right levers, and get on the blocks the two stone disc. These must be used up at the spikes, and Pyramid Key and House Key take. House Key use down at the bottom at the door, and pull the lever. 

In the hall at the beginning, where the four ropes are, four wall torches light, thus open the four grids. 

Go into the stables, and at the last horse take Horsehair. In the next corridor, light the three chandelier. In the next room move the left pillar, and pull the lever. Then the door opens. Go up until the end where Lara looks to the right. Pull the jumpswitch, and pick Pyramid Key 2. Pull the lever, and next door to get in the shell, the Oasis Key

Secret 1 / 4: On the black square you can walk through the wall.

Oasis key use near the canal. Then go to the man at the well. Go into the house with the woman, and at the left to kick the wheel. Take the Part of the wooden wheel, and combine it with Horsehair, which results in the crossbow. Some boxes can be shot, they contain ammunition. 

Secret 2 / 4: If the fireplace at the temple pool is off, you can then shoot the grating.

Secret 3 / 4: At the back pull up on the roof.

Open in the house with the woman the door, light the two candlesticks. Left and right, pull the lever, then you can open inside the ceiling hatch, and go up. Leftside to shoot the barrel, and open the door. The next door open, and pick Pyramid Key 3. Then go to the well with the man. You must shoot the lock on the well cover. It is necessary to press the look button, and so aim downwards.
Then let down into the well, take the Pail, and to the right of the switch push the block in the wall. Next go on and kick the rock down. Then pull the underwater lever, and pull the lever at the spikes. To the next underwater lever dive, that opens the next room. Now pull the spike-lever again, and in the next room above Secret 4 / 4 pick. Again, the spike-lever pull, and push the pillar out, under the rope. Pull up on the column, and the Pail hang onto the rope. It works only from one side! So try more often! Then again the spike-lever pull, and dive through the passage. At the wheel go ashore and go to the well, now here is the Key Well. Use these at the next house, and pull the lever. Now the mill wheel works. 

Now go into the mill (at the beginning) in the basement. The box on the highlighted area push, and pull the rope. Go up and push the box onto the platform. Switch the millstone off before with the floor lever. So that the hole in the ground is not covered. Then pull the wall lever, so that the box falls into the hole. Now switch on the mill stone again, and let it turn a few times. Then switch off again, and take Flour. Take from the basket the Pyramid Key 4, and go into the hall with the four ropes. Here, the four wall torches to be lit. Then you can use the four keys Pyramid, and pull the four ropes. Then push the four vases to the four keys Pyramid, and take the Golden Ball. Insert this in the beginning ... 

6. Jerusalem - Old City, 70 AD Part 1 

Save Game 9 

Go right into the house with the gray round oven, and combine flour with Water Pail. This results in Dough. This use at the oven, and take bread. Now the big staircase going up to Herod's Temple ... 

7. Herod's Temple

Savegame 10 

We have already done everything, otherwise see above. Go to church, use the  bread, and go on ... 

3. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre 

Go ahead and place the Holy Bible on the small podium. Then the crowbar = Ancient Sword take, and go ...

2. Jerusalem - Old City 2011 

Back to the beginning of the level to go, and to the door marked Smithy Fax. Break open the door, pull the lever, and wait a bit. Now we must go carefully  over the four higher tiles. Then you can pull up on the new block. On the desk is Mr. Fax's Safety plug, then go out again, and to the Level: 

4. The Wailing Wall 

Insert the safety plug at the wall and pull in the corridor into the new opening up. Go on, jump backward on the slope, then forward, and thereby steer right. Continue and open the door and go inside. Get from the small cupboard A handful of shekels. Secret 18/20: give the wine to the man, and get outside Star of David. Then go back down and give the shekel to the beggar. Take the Wailing Wall Key, therefore it is necessary to kneel/duck. The door unlock, and go on. 

On the left drag the block, and pull up on the roof. To crawlspace jump and fetch the Chapel Key, then press the switch and jump back to the crawlspace.

Secret 19/20: you can omit this part also because it is very difficult. In another passage in the wall, push the block, and open the floor-trapdoor. Next go to the fire corridor and jump over the ramps to the other side. Go and fetch Crescent Moon. Right open the trap door, and go back out on the street. 

Key to use at the chapel, and go inside. Shoot the left window, and open the ceiling hatch. Pulling up, shoot the crate, and take a wooden torch. This  ignite downstairs and light the bowl. Then you can take the Temple Mount Key 1. Then go out to the soldier. You must give him the shekels, then you get the dynamite. Go on and put the dynamite onto the black line at the big stone, where the grass is. Then go to the detonator. Then go into the entrance, and open the door. Shovel take, thereby a house opens. Go back, and in this house. Jump on the slope, and forward to the gap in the wall. Then shimmy right to the switch, and press, run-jump to the other switch. Press the button, and at the right moment to jump to the platform in the middle, and quickly next to the Minaret Key. This use at the large gate and go inside. The time-lever pull, then quickly go back two steps. Jump back and jump without a break and further, until Lara can push the button, then save to a new slot. Again, pull the lever time, and quickly jump to the top. The Temple Mount Key 2 pick, and jump back down. You need to use them  to the left and right in the dark niches at the great gate ... 

9. The Temple Mount (0 Secrets) 

Savegame 11

Left open the little house and take a wooden torch. This ignite at the great temple. At the small temple shoot the window. Go in, and attract the knight to the platform, so that he smashes the glass case. Dome of the Rock Key take, and at the great temple use. Go in, take the boots back, and light with the torch  the four cups on the wall. Pull on the block, and jump to the Jumpswitch, resulting in a block appears. Jump to the next jumpswitch, and jump to the column. Then turn around and jump on the long yellow pole, so that Lara swings to the next column. Jump to the rope and swing to the right to the box. Shoot the box, and Stone Disc 1 take. Jump back to the first pillar, and jump to the crawlspace at the entrance. Take Stone disc 2, and then jump to the rope. To the third pillar swing, jump to the climbing block and climb the corner and jump off. Stone disc 3 take. Then jump on the wellknown path to the fourth column. Without grab onto the roof of the cage jump, where Stone disc 3 was, and pull the lever time. A role making, and quickly jump to Stone Disc 4

Savegame 12

The four stone discs use, and go down into the basement. Shovel and Handle  combine, and use at the edge of the white square at the stairs. Then you can go further. With the revolver plus a laser on the blue ball on the ceiling, shoot and move on ... 

10. The cherubim are calling (1 secret) 

Savegame 13

The wall crush, and crawl right into the cave. Banana take, and there has to be used the shovel (spade). Then you can grab the handle and turn the wheel. This will open the three doors. Then save, and press the switch. Now we must quickly follow the monkey. 

Important: you can also find the cave alone, but it is easier to follow the monkey. 

In the cave, in which the monkey is gone, you can pull up into an opening. The wooden torch take to go back down, and set fire to the wooden torch. There has to light the wood pile. Then go to the hallway with the balls. Slide on the left side down, and release all the balls. But only the first slide piece to curve down. Then jump back up and jump to the ladder. Here you can get Secret 20/20, the Golden Skull. Then go back to the curve, so not all the way down. The ball can be rolled down with the Ancient Sword. Then you can go down and further. The Banana is necessary to give to the ape, then he pulls the lever, and you can go into the next cave. 

Here you have to jump right over the climb-block and the slopes, until in the corner. Then jump to the pillar in the middle, climb the corner and jump off. Jump  to the balls and the snake, the snake shoot, and save. Roll the ball down, and quickly jump back to the golden block. There quickly with holding down the action button to jump into the alcove. 

Savegame 14

Then jump back to the golden block, climb up on the wall, and jump off. Jump back to where the ball was, and jump back to the entrance. Down to the lever in the lava jump, pull, jump to the dead snake, and to the exit. Turn right and pull the skeleton, and Dynamite take. Go back, and in the other direction. Knock down the pillar, jump to the pillar, and jump on. Next go to the end. The dynamite was put in front of the wall, take the wooden torch and light up. Then light the dynamite. Throw the torch, and go quickly behind the small block near the wall/dynamite, duck, and crawl to the block. So that Lara completely hides behind the block. Then dive into the next cave.

Left under water to get the Ancient Scroll, then go ashore near the entrance. Up to jump on the ledge, and jump on the nearest rock. Then jump on to the truck. Go to the big bridge, and press to the left the button on the wall. Then to the crane jump, and shoot with the revolver plus a laser on the vase in the underwater cave. There, the Holiest Key pick up and go back up to the crane. Go down into the control room, and go on to the next room. Get from the first shelf the store room key, then you can get from the other shelf dynamite. Go to the toilet, left the jumpswitch quickly pull. Then open the ceiling hatch. Pull up in the hallway, shoot at the end the grid, and go down. Use the Store Room Key, and take the Crane control. Then go back and use Crane control in the first room. In the other room go, jump into the water, and place the dynamite on the barrel in the water. Go back up to the crane, jump onto the crate on the crane, jump to the chain, and chain swing to the next. Jump on the platform of the other crane down. The Detonator Key take, pull the lever, and jump onto the bridge. Jump on the rocks, and use the detonator key at the ignition-box. Then jump into the water and dive back into the entrance, where one has already blown up the wall. Next dive to the end, then turn left into the hidden entrance, diving and get at the skeleton, the Glasses. Dive back into the big cave, and left in the new entrance. Go ashore and push the block right into it. Go further and use the Holiest Key. The boots take and from outside push the block into the room. Then you can pull the lever, and get the Ark of the Covenant Key. Go down and use the key. Ancient Scroll and Glasses combine, and use at the guard ...

The end

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