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on the doll

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New PostErstellt: 14.09.08, 02:44  Betreff: on the doll  drucken  weiterempfehlen

Der Film lief hier beim Filmfestival. Leider keine deutsche Beschreibung verfügbar, daher muss wikipedia herhalten:


    On The Doll is a 2008 very dark and intense dramatic feature film directed and written by acclaimed music video director Thomas Mignone, who has directed award-winning videos for artists such as Mudvayne, Slipknot, System Of A Down, Megadeth, Danzig, Sepultura, Otep, American Head Charge, Cradle Of Filth, Toadies,
    and others. The film's title comes from the phrase "Show me on the doll
    where you were touched" often asked of young children who have been the
    victims of sexual abuse. "On The Doll" has a limited theatrical release in the United States, as well as a continuously growing popularity upon its DVD and online release due to several unexpected and highly graphic scenes.


    Multiple lives cross in this story of victims and victimizers, and how the pain of early childhood traumas
    can continue throughout the characters' adult lives. Jiz is an
    intelligent yet socially insecure young man who struggles to work at an
    adult newspaper. He was victimized as a child by a friend of his
    father. Jiz's name comes from the nickname his dad gave him while
    making him mop up the messes left behind in the peep show booths at the
    neighborhood porn shop. One day he meets Balery who has come in to
    place an ad in the adult newspaper. At first Jiz refuses to run the ad
    because he knows Balery is looking to hire a hit man, but then he
    reluctantly decides to take on the job himself in order to make the
    money he needs to pay off a local crime boss to let an indebted
    callgirl go free. Meanwhile, Wes continues whoring out his girlfriend
    Chantel in order to make enough money to buy her an engagement ring
    just to shut her up about his lack of commitment. Yet he gets violently
    upset when he discovers she's been performing lurid sex acts on her
    customers just to make the extra money he wants. And two intimately
    close high school girls Melody and Courtney play sexy and flirtatious
    games with their teacher Mr. Garrett in order to improve their grades,
    without realizing the violent dangers all their teasing could lead to.

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